View Full Version : [Xbox One & 360] Invisible Wall on Path of the Deathless [Resolved]

5th Nov 2015, 05:19
Known Issue: Rarely, the player will encounter an invisible wall where the gate was after the first combat encounter in Path of the Deathless.

Prevention: Download the Day 1 patch, or complete the combat encounter near the gate.

Workaround: Reload the current checkpoint.

3rd Jan 2016, 18:00
I am stuck in path of deathless, no entrance ,blocked, and can't go back due to slide, have a document left, but due to the slide, can't go back to get it and since there the narrow entrance is blocked, I'm stuck. I bought a physical game and can't remember if there was an update when I started, that was November I purchased it. Do I have to uninstall game and restart, I really rather not start over, I finished the game but need to go back and finish the collectibles and caves. But I'm stuck. PLEASE HELP, can I install the patch without starting over, is there a way of saving the game and installing patch