View Full Version : FAQ: Expedition Mode - Chapter Replay & Chapter Replay Elite

5th Nov 2015, 02:37
Q: What are Chapter Replay and Chapter Replay Elite?

A: The Chapter Replay modes allow you to replay parts of Rise of the Tomb Raider’s campaign. In Chapter Replay, you start the chapter with pre-determined inventory and skills. In Chapter Replay Elite, you start with the gear in your latest profile data from the campaign. In that way, Chapter Replay Elite is a lot like a “New Game+” style mode.

Q: Can I collect items in Chapter Replay and Chapter Replay Elite for use in my campaign save?

A: Items collected in Expedition modes are not saved to your profile. As such, you cannot use any Expedition mode to, for example, farm ammo or resources. Do not hesitate to use the items you find!

16th Feb 2016, 13:10
Why can't we do missions and challenges in Chapter Replay? Why can't I read documents or look at Relics if I want to?