View Full Version : Team up for ranked play? (EU)

4th Nov 2015, 18:35
I am looking for 2-4 competetive-minded ppl to team up with in ranked play. The main reason for this are recent changes in allowing 2 person teamplay in ranked games.

I am a Finnish player with some 200+ hours experience of Nosgoth as well as some other FPS background. Last two seasons I have reached blood I. Voip not necessary during games but some strategy talk via Steam chat etc. would be great.
Some specs I am looking for:

- Sufficient English skills
- Mature behaviour in-game and all around - I'll rather focus on getting wins whenever possible instead of pampering steaming teammates
- Team-oriented and competitive attitude towards Nosgoth
- Main classes something else than alch or tyrant.

If you think we could team up, reply below or by pm.