View Full Version : have sentinals had a speed buff?

4th Nov 2015, 11:39
noticed sentinals seem somewhat faster in flight so kind of case of "have they been buffed or something"???

7th Nov 2015, 07:35
Sentinels can fall down or strafe to gain speed. Skilled sentinels doing that nonstop.
Or you talking about something other? Are you birsd flying by line?

7th Nov 2015, 08:47
I have been playing for over a year. Speed is still the same.

IDK if move speed increases on items also increase flight speed (I think not), but it might just be you have been playing against more unskilled players and due to ranked(?) you are seeing more skilled sentinel players.

8th Nov 2015, 21:16
I know what you mean...it's like the sentinel is always at top speed, ive seen this a few times. Not sure what it is, because the speed boost from dodging left/right isn't lasting, and you can't used them often.

9th Nov 2015, 07:01
It's possible to stay at a consistently high flight speed by alternating between the "dodge-boost" and "dive-boost" maneuvers. Using the dodge boost to fly upwards a bit, and then go down immediately to keep a high speed until you can dodge boost again. It could be that