View Full Version : Life is Strange in zombie apocalypse?

4th Nov 2015, 06:35
So, out of total curiosity, if the cast from Life is Strange were to be thrown into a zombie apocalypse, like 'The Walking Dead' style for example,
http://img00.deviantart.net/fe8f/i/2015/257/1/1/the_walking_dead___zombie_bay_by_linglosthappinesxiao-d99ks6q.png link to creator of picture (http://fav.me/d99ks6q)

how would you imagine that they would handle it, and survive? I mean, things were bad enough when they had to deal with an E6 tornado tearing a whole town apart.

6th Nov 2015, 23:40
Would Max maintain a bite if she rewound? If so, her powers would still be handy but more in regards to people around her than herself.

I'd be interested in seeing it.