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29th Jun 2002, 17:58
is there a patch for commandos BEL???????????????????

29th Jun 2002, 18:56
there is one for sure.

29th Jun 2002, 20:37
Do you know where to get it, Dave?

29th Jun 2002, 23:24
Try eidos.com. Or any other commandos related site like the Dropzone or MI6.


30th Jun 2002, 02:16
Not all cd's need the patch so you might not need it.

I'm not sure about the Blue, Green or Red cd but the Black one has the patch already installed, and I wouldn't be surprised if the others not included the patch as well.

If however you do need the patch, try the Dropzone, MI6's downloads sections is just for mods mostly. Strangely enough it has the C2 patch but no C1 patch.

30th Jun 2002, 11:01
I thought I had seen it before in the MI6 site too.


30th Jun 2002, 20:05
Nope I check yesterday and only found the c2 patch on there.

30th Jun 2002, 21:42
well doesn't matter so much. I am in the 19th mission, and don't have much left.

allthough I haven't played the game for some months.

30th Jun 2002, 22:05
The patch corrects technical issues on the win2000. Not gameplay issues anyway.


30th Jun 2002, 22:41
no.gameplay issues also.like longer harpoon,and few other errors.

30th Jun 2002, 22:46
BEL didn't have any major gameplay issues. Like what?
And for the harpoon that's the first time I hear about it.


1st Jul 2002, 03:29
I've never noticed any gampplay issues during single play of the game, but there are a few flaws during multiplay that were never addressed by Pyro...Yellow Blobs, Killer smoke from the firing the machine gun, etc...

I also have the black cd so the patch is already applied...maybe that's why I never noticed anything wrong in single play.

2nd Jul 2002, 02:50
read the readmr file for patch.

2nd Jul 2002, 17:38
All the BEL patch is for is to bering the European and RoW patch (ie everywhere but USA and Canada) up to the standards of the latter, which was released six months later.

It gives things like a longer range harpoon and some other smaller bug fixes.

2nd Jul 2002, 18:12
Welcome to the forum Yakkalot

3rd Jul 2002, 11:39
What do you mean welcome?

I've been on these boards since 1998!!! ;)

3rd Jul 2002, 12:39

3rd Jul 2002, 14:12
Doesn't really matter now, we are newbies on this forum. So, welcome newbie :D

3rd Jul 2002, 18:32
I am not a newbie anymore:mad:

4th Jul 2002, 07:17
Hey Thorup how┬┤s the flash movie goes?

4th Jul 2002, 19:35
flash movie is soon finished. I guess at saturday if I am not distracted by anything else.

I didn't have time to work so much today cos I have a job too, gotta earn some money u know

5th Jul 2002, 07:02
Have you looked patc at www.c2station.de

Its the same site where I got all the pics to your flashmovie ;)

5th Jul 2002, 11:28
yeah thanks, but I got all the pictures I need almost. except for a picture of inside a building which where the soldiers from that picture fits in

5th Jul 2002, 13:14
Hey just go to c2sation and choose screenshots or artworks or wallpapers and voila pic is on your pocket.

5th Jul 2002, 20:52
about that picture u showed me inside the building. it gave me a great idea, which I carried out.

I entered commandos and took a screen shot myself from das boot somewhere.