View Full Version : leavers in league games

3rd Nov 2015, 22:17
well ok... just happened again. a player left in the half of the first round. or maybe his connection just dropped, since we were winning. this is what i get from it:
-i am forced to reconnect and play it 3v4, there is no way i can join any other game
-i have to lose league points in any case, and get the 10 minutes ban anyway if i decide to leave

i don't know... it doesn't sound much fair to me. it actually made me ragequit the game just a few minutes ago.

-when a player leaves/disconnect he has 5 minutes to reconnect before being considered a leaver. the other players can freely leave the game if this happens.
-when a player leaves in the first 5 minutes in the game, players in his team won't lose points if they lose the game

easy, no?