View Full Version : Champman 16 crash/ new season wont load

3rd Nov 2015, 08:09
Hi everyone,

Please help if you can.

Bug description:

I have just pushed ‘end season’ which then took me to the next season.
However, there are no upcoming fixtures scheduled and whenever I try to continue the game progresses a few days and then crashes. (have tried reloading over 10 times and just does the same thing)
If i push the upcoming fixtures tab on top left of screen, it just gives last seasons fixtures and results
It also crashes as soon as i push the League table button on top right of screen
I have tried applying for a new job but as soon as i accept it crashes
I have had none of the usual new season emails from the board regarding transfer budget and expectations for the coming season etc
My transfer budget seems to have carried over from the previous season but with a 10 million pound wage allowance.
I have about 16000 cms and 11000 coins and many upgrades which I don’t want to lose.
I have updated to the latest version (20 Oct 2015) but has not helped.

What team you are currently managing
Manchester United

The current in game date
Wed 7th September 2022

Device you are playing on
Iphone 4S

OS you are playing on

OS Version currently installed on your device


3rd Nov 2015, 13:46
Have you tried updating your phone to the most recent ios version? this might help.

4th Nov 2015, 07:25
I thought about that, but the game requirements state iOS 7.0 or later, so surely its a game issue rather than the operating system.
The game also worked perfectly until now

6th Nov 2015, 12:45
Thanks for the report Davros99 - It might be worth updating your iOS to see if it helps at all.

Basically, everytime any app on iOS crashes we get sent a crash report automatically and we've cleared up all the most common bug crashes with only very rare fringe issues remaining on iOS. I'd be interested to hear if upgrading the iOS helps.

Otherwise, resetting via the manager menu will let you keep all your currencies trophies and ratings.