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29th Jun 2002, 17:07
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I don't update this post anymore as far as I've made and released LBPR which I AM updating regulary
8 February 2003 Notice: All e-mails have been removed!
The list in alphabetical order (those marked in bold are ones which have been reviewed below the entire list):

<TABLE border=7>
<TD>Name of the Tool/Utiliti
<TD>Author's e-mail address
<TD>Download URL</TB></TD>
<TD>3D AI Editor
<TD>by Michiel (TR Wad)
<TD>Autosave Eradicator
<TD>by John F. Jones
<TD>by Bart
<TD>Download (http://home.acadia.net/userpages/vagrant/tr4/Barttool.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by Malte
<TD>Download v3.0 (http://www.home.pages.at/thelindercompany/downloads/bmptoraw.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>CutScene Editor
<TD>by Michiel (TR Wad)
<TD>Download (http://trwad.tripod.com/Download/CutSeqEdit.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Data Raider (for MacOS)
<TD>by Loren Petrich
<TD>Download (http://petrich.com/games/tombraider/DataRaider.sit)</TB></TD>
<TD>Easy Life
<TD>by Colin Grigson
<TD>by Turbo Pascal
<TD>Floor Edit
<TD>by Michiel (TR Wad)
<TD>Download v3.1 (http://trwad.tripod.com/Download/FloorEdit2.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by Core Design
<TD>Download (http://tnlc.com/eep/tr/gameflow.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by reenignE
<TD>Download (http://tnlc.com/eep/tr/GetLara.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by Stefan Schneider
<TD>Download (http://private.freepage.de/cgi-bin/feets/freepage_ext/41030x030A/rewrite/bobafett/jack.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by Odjo
<TD>Download (http://digilander.iol.it/zozo4ever/jenny.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Lara Position
<TD>by Turbo Pascal
<TD>Download (http://tnlc.com/eep/tr/larapos.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Lara's Closet Toolkit
<TD>LB Mp3 2 Wav
<TD>by Winamp
<TD>Level Archiver v2.0
<TD>by XETH (Sven)
<TD>Level Info
<TD>by Richard Jalbert
<TD>Download (http://www.geocities.com/richmannsoft/bin/levelinfo.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Map Viewer
<TD>by FastByte
<TD>Download (http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Lab/8572/tmap-13.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by Stefan Schneider
<TD>Download (http://private.freepage.de/cgi-bin/feets/freepage_ext/41030x030A/rewrite/bobafett/meshjack.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by O.Mizno
<TD>by XETH (Sven)
<TD>Download ALPHA version (http://kseet.bei.t-online.de/PRJBuilder.exe)</TB></TD>
<TD>by aktrekker
<TD>e-mail: classified
<TD>Download v1.1 (http://www.weebaldman.com/PRJMerge/prjmerge_v1-1.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by Turbo Pascal
<TD>by Turbo Pascal
<TD>Download (http://home.acadia.net/userpages/vagrant/3DJunta/Return2.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Rview (Room Viewer)
<TD>by Turbo Pascal
<TD>Download v5.0 (http://home.acadia.net/userpages/vagrant/Features/Rview_50_R0.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Script Editing Studio
<TD>by Raider of Tombs' Clone
<TD>Download (http://www.treeble.hpg.ig.com.br/ses.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Script Editor for TRLR
<TD>by Rafa³ Stañczak
<TD>Download v1.0 (http://www.traider.pl/technik/r_editor/download/skrypty.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Script Generator
<TD>by XETH (Sven)
<TD>by Raider of Tombs' Clone
<TD>Download v2.0 (http://www.angelfire.com/fl5/trl/Downloadables/shrinkit2.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Sound Jack!
<TD>by Stefan Schneider
<TD>Download (http://private.freepage.de/cgi-bin/feets/freepage_ext/41030x030A/rewrite/bobafett/s_jack.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Sound Raider (for MacOS)
<TD>by Loren Petrich
<TD>Download (http://petrich.com/games/tombraider/SoundRaider.sit)</TB></TD>
<TD>Sprite Editor
<TD>by Michiel (TRWad)
<TD>Implemented in WADMerger</TB></TD>
<TD>by Turbo Pascal
<TD>Download v3.9 Revision 1 (http://www.geocities.com/cyber_delphi/strpix3/strpix3.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Studio Tekstur
<TD>by Rafa³ Stañczak
<TD>Download v2.0 (http://www.traider.pl/technik/r_editor/download/s_tekstur.zip)
<TD>by John Dodis ( ImmortalX )
<TD>Download v1.3.2 (http://immortalx0.tripod.com/tbv132.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Texture Assign
<TD>by Richard Jalbert
<TD>Download (http://www.geocities.com/richmannsoft/bin/textureassign.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Texture Edit
<TD>by John F. Jones
<TD>Texture Editing Studio
<TD>by Raider of Tombs' Clone
<TD>Download v1.8 (http://www.angelfire.com/fl5/trl/Downloadables/tesver_8.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Texture Editor
<TD>by John Dodis ( ImmortalX )
<TD>Download ver.3 (http://trstudio.geckokid.com/Files/TRLE%20Tools/Texture%20Editor%20ver.3.exe) Download ver.2 (http://trstudio.geckokid.com/Files/TRLE%20Tools/Texture%20Editor%20Ver.%202.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Texture Magic
<TD>Tomb Edit
<TD>by Norbert Wiesinger
<TD>Download v3.2.3 (http://home.t-online.de/home/NWiesinger/tombedit.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>TR 2 8/16-bit Texture Twiddler (for MacOS)
<TD>by Loren Petrich
<TD>Download (http://petrich.com/games/tombraider/TR2_816bit.sit)</TB></TD>
<TD>Tomb Raider Flares
<TD>by Luis N. Polasek
<TD>Download (http://private.freepage.de/cgi-bin/feets/freepage_ext/41030x030A/rewrite/bobafett/tombflar.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Tomb Raider Gold Utilities
<TD>by Turbo Pascal
<TD>Download (http://tnlc.com/eep/tr/trgutils.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Tomb Raider Level Editor (Official) 207MB
<TD>by Core Design
<TD>Download (http://www.tombraiderencyclopedia.com/TRTimeline/Downloads/Tomb%20Raider%20-%20Level%20Editor%20CD.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Tomb Raider Media Player
<TD>programmed by Turbo Pascal and designed by Wee Bald Man
<TD>Download v1.0 (http://users.surfanytime.co.uk/secchi/TRMP/trmediaplayer_v1-0.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Tomb Raider Screen Thief
<TD>by Adrian Mardlin
<TD>Tomb Ripper
<TD>by David Skotnicki
<TD>Download (http://tnlc.com/eep/tr/tr22.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by Aktrekker
<TD>e-mail: classified
<TD>Download v2.0 (http://geckokid.com/temp/TR2Prj2.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>TR2 to BMP
<TD>by Foxy
<TD>Download (http://tnlc.com/eep/tr/tr2tobmp.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by Michiel (TRWad)
<TD>Download v1.7 revision 1 (http://trwad.tripod.com/Download/TR2WAD.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>TR3 Viewer Application
<TD>Download (http://tnlc.com/eep/tr/tr3view.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>TR5 Edit
<TD>by James Bird
<TD>TR5 Room Viewer
<TD>by Roy Godbold
<TD>Download (http://home.earthlink.net/~asasoft/x5.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>TR5 Script Viewer
<TD>by Turbo Pascal
<TD>Download (http://digilander.iol.it/zozo4ever/analize.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by Turbo Pascal
<TD>Download (http://home.acadia.net/userpages/vagrant/tr4/trc2tr4.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>TR Editor 2D
<TD>by Turbo Pascal
<TD>by Turbo Pascal
<TD>Download v4.3 (http://home.acadia.net/userpages/vagrant/tr4/tre3d43.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by Ale
<TD>Download v4.3 (http://alainlecomte.free.fr/TR_Exe.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by Aktrekker
<TD>e-mail: classified
<TD>Download (http://trstudio.geckokid.com/Files/TRLE%20Tools/TRFix.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by Roy Godbold
<TD>Download (http://home.earthlink.net/~asasoft/TRitem.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by El Diablo
<TD>Download v1.0 (http://www.trleplanet.com/tools/TRLEMate.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Download (http://www.treeble.hpg.ig.com.br/trlight.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by E. Popov
<TD>Download (http://www.evpopov.com/dl/TRMergerBin_20000227.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by Paul Walton
<TD>Download (http://www.letocetum.fsnet.co.uk/TRposEditorFiles/TRposEditor%</TB></TD>
<TD>by Ale
<TD>Download v2.0 (http://alainlecomte.free.fr/TR_Prj.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by John McFarlane
<TD>Download (http://www.treeble.hpg.ig.com.br/trproject.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by XETH (Sven)
<TD>TR Save Game Editor
<TD>Download (http://trstudio.geckokid.com/Files/TR%20Tools/TRSaveEditor.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>TRScp (TR Scripting)
<TD>by Turbo Pascal
<TD>by XETH (Sven)
<TD>by Paul Walton
<TD>Download (http://www.letocetum.fsnet.co.uk/TRsgEditorFiles/TRsgEditor%</TB></TD>
<TD>by Bart Ramekers
<TD>TR Texture Manager
<TD>by Turbo Pascal & Spider907
<TD>Download v2.6 Rev 0 (http://home.acadia.net/userpages/vagrant/Features/Trtex26.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by Yuri Zhivago
<TD>Download (http://tnlc.com/eep/tr/TRueView.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by E. Popov
<TD>Download (http://www.evpopov.com/dl/TRViewerBin_20011230.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by John McFarlane
<TD>TRwest Tomb Raider Wad Editing Studio
<TD>by Michael L. Jelarcic
<TD>Download (http://trstudio.geckokid.com/Files/TRLE%20Tools/TRwest.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by Richard Jalbert
<TD>Download (http://www.geocities.com/richmannsoft/bin/wadanimedit.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>WAD Edit
<TD>by Colin Grigson
<TD>by Richard Jalbert
<TD>Download Install 1 (http://www.geocities.com/richmannsoft/bin/wadinfo1.zip) Download Install 2 (http://www.geocities.com/richmannsoft/bin/wadinfo2.zip) Download Install 3 (http://www.geocities.com/richmannsoft/bin/wadinfo3.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>by Michiel (TRWad)
<TD>Download v1.9 Revision 2 (http://trwad.tripod.com/Download/WADMerger.zip)</TB></TD>
<TD>Xtract Tomb Raider WAVs (XTRWAVs)
<TD>© Eep² (source code by Jon Skeet)
<TD>Download (http://tnlc.com/eep/tr/xtrwavs.zip)</TB></TD></TR></TABLE>

29th Jun 2002, 17:09
Originally posted by Number6:

Excelent idea. Let me start:

This VB program will open any Tomb Raider 2 or 3 level file and output its content to a screen report.
The level of detail that this report will list can be set in the menus.
All texture tiles can be extracted (a long process) to a collection of bitmaps.
The report itself can be saved to a CSV (comma separated value) file that makes it human readable. It can also be opened by any text utilities, by MS Excel and can be manipulated by the code routines used to deal with BINARY type files or SEQUENTIAL, variable lenght record files.
I found it invaluable in making my TextureAssign program since I could read the exact values stored in the level file.
Warning: long to use.

This VB program will open any Tomb Raider 2 or 3 level and list the content of all object textures, animated textures, sprite textures and sprite sequences (animation).
It will permit the following edition:
adding a new texture, editing or deleting an existing one;
adding, editing or deleting any texture animation;
adding, editing or deleting any sprite texture (please, prettyplease, read the HelpFile on this);
and finally adding, editing or deleting any sprite sequence (please, PLEASE, READ the HelpFile, OK ?).
Partial work can be saved to a special list file which structure follows exactly the internal structure of the TR objects being edited. This list file can be later inserted in the selected level to make a new, immediately playable, level file.
The fileformat is completely described in an included text file.
Complicated but safe to use. The official editor made this somewhat useless.

This VB program will open Tomb Raider 4 Level Editor WAD files and will, at this stage, list the object texture coordinates. It will also draw those texture on the bitmap extracted from that WAD.
Update, 2001/02/04 The WADinfo can now edit WAD object texture coordinates, save the changes correctly and will make an immediatly useable WAD file.
In short, move textures around!
Tutorial included!
However, please make back-ups :-)
The official editor made this somewhat useless.

An unfinished program like the LevelInfo. Outputs WAD info in raw format to a text file. Very long to use (15 min for one wad.
This VB program will open Tomb Raider 4 Level Editor WAD files and will, at this stage, list all animation related data.
This list is printable and can be saved in a variety of formats, including the CSV which can be opened in Excel. Ultimately this program will aid animation edition and will rebuild new immediately useable WADs.

The reason I have not continued working on it is simple: my job happened to me.
I might still take it one but if anyone feels like going ahead...

If anyone presently working on this, let this board know.

Originally posted by TRWad:

AI Edit and 3D ai edit:
remove them. They are integrated in wadmerger.

copy objects from tr1-5 levels and wad files to wad files.
Enable or disable collesion.
clear moveables/meshes
add sounds
change animation order
change switch animations
view objects in 3d
view animations in 3d (in version 1.8, need to release yet)

sounds from tr4 levels won't work yet - will be fixed in v1.8
sounds from tr5 need manual conversion since format is differend.

chose of many skins
many options in the same program

a bit hard to use because of the many features it has

im not working on this tool anymore since you can make wads with wadmerger directly from the tr levels and with less bugs.

Load the fonts file and save it as tga file. Also import tga files to font. Build your level after changing and your new font are in your level!

Cutscene editor
load cutscenes and display some basic information about them, still need updates.

convert tr4 levels to tr2&3
view all rooms in 3d and 2d (2d is the little map like in trle)
view all triggers and items

Originally posted by Raider Of Tombs' Clone:

Script Editing Studio:
Although it's title is rather self-explanatory. A script editing tool for beginners at script editing, allows you to edit scripts by entering text in fields, without mistakes.

Re-Script restores the default script files to the address of your choice. It's included in script editing studio.

Texture editing studio - edits and arranges textures with lots of effects, including pixel editing, color keying, RGB editing, ghosting, and 1/4 size tiles. Opens all .tga texture files, even those that do not work in the TRLE, such as the house textures. Uses a simple point-and-click interface to create the ultimate texture set.

ShrinKit - reduces images to TR texture sizes.

Originally posted by Colin Grigson:

Easylife -
What is it? - Small DOS utility that automates converting txt to dat.

What does it do? - Takes your edited script and english txt files, converts them to dat and moves to the correct folder.

Limitations: Needs editing to work properly for installations that are not into TRLE standard target folders (i.e. your Hard Drive isn't called C etc)

Benefits: Small, quick and open source

WADFixer -

What is it? - Like above, small DOS utility for backing up WAD files

What does it do? - Upon running WADInstall.bat it backs up all WAD files into a safe folder, then on running the WADFixer.bat program all the safe files are copied back into graphics/wad folder.

Limitations: Will copy WADS what ever state they are in, so make sure they are in "Clean State"(read below)

Benefits: If you use TRWest or play levels that use a .tws file to add/delete objects from your WAD you will change the contents of the WAD. When you next play a level that relys on the original objects being in the WAD you will run into problems. WADFixer backs up all WAD files (including Custom WADS) so they can be restored easily.
Make sure your WADS are in the state that you want to restore to before running WADInstall
Again..small, quick and open source
Also allows installation where the default path of C:\Program Files\Core Design etc has been changed.

Originally posted by aktrekker:

Briefly, it tries to fix common errors in PRJ files so that the room editor can load the project. It doesn't fix everything, but just tries to make the project loadable so you don't have to start over. It might have to delete some objects, lights, or even rooms, but at least you won't lose everything.

TR2Prj extracts a PRJ file from TR1-4 level files. It includes most of the textures. For TR4 levels it includes objects, triggers, and lights. It also extracts a texture TGA file, and sky/font RAW file.
I'm adding TRC right now, and fixed the transparency problem with TR1-3. Update today or tomorrow.

Originally posted by Wee Bald Man:

Hi TheMask,
Tomb Raider Media Player allows designers to launch FMVs and the following file formats during gameplay:


Windows Media
.asf .asx .wax .wma .wmv .wvx .wmp .wmx

Moving Pictures Experts Group
.mpg .mpeg .m1v .mp2 .mp3 .mpa .mpe .mpv2 .m3u

Musical Instrument Digital Interface
.mid .midi .rmi

Macintosh AIFF Resource
.aif .aifc .aiff

Sun Microsystems and NeXT
.au .snd

CD Audio Track

Intel Video Technology


The web site link is: http://users.surfanytime.co.uk/secchi/TRMP/index.html

All queries regarding this tool should be sent to WBM: WBM@TombRaiders.co.uk* (remove asterisk).

There are no known bugs but a 'wish list' contains forthcoming improvements to be made (TRMP is currently being improved and a new version is on its way).


Designed by Wee Bald Man
Programmed by Turbo Pascal

Originally posted by LeeO:

What is it?
- An excellent program that allows you to make Wads from any Tomb Raider 4 .was or .tr4 file easily and quickly.
It's simple to use and has plenty of features.

Has no object viewer.

Originally posted by Malte:

The LE needs the RAW bitmap format for logos and skies. This format isn't supported by many painting programs, so you can use BmpToRaw to convert logos or skies in BMP format (standard windows bitmap, supported by almost all programs) into RAW files.

Originally posted by Ale:

Here are some more existing programs or indication of author :
Fixed logo.bat Elpasodude
Fixed script.bat Elpasodude
Fixed SFX.bat Elpasodude
Jack Stefan Schneider
Mesh Jack Stefan Schneider
Return2 + Remap Turbo Pascal
Sound Jack Stefan Schneider
Strpix Turbo Pascal
Texture Builder John F. Jones
Texture Editor John Dodis
TR_Exe Ale
TR_Prj Ale
TR2prj Aktrekker
TRFix Aktrekker

Nota : Aktrekker's TRFix is wrongly named "TR_Prj Fix" in your list, which can produce confusion with my program TR_Prj.

It would be easier if you could put your list in alphabetic order

TR_Exe can open any TR4 file produced by Tomb Raider Level Editor or provided with the original Eidos C.D. (TR4, Last Revelation) and can show rooms, objects, triggers, OCB codes, switches, timer zones... hidden inside the file.
One can navigate from room to room, and check the relationship between objects and triggers.
The result of this analysis can be saved in a text file for further reference.
TR_Exe can also open savegames file, tell in which room stands Lara, and teleport Lara to any other room.

Basically, what is done by TR_Exe with TR4 files can be done with TR_Prj with PRJ project files.
The way to use both programs is almost identical, except that TR_Prj does not modify savegames.
Instead, it allow modification of OCB codes, switches and timer zones, inside your project file.
There is also a checking facility to search your project for errors or warnings.

In order to have a better overview, I have duplicated the result of this very good work done by TheMask and many of you, in a Windows Help file http://alainlecomte.free.fr/TRLE_TOOLS.HLP (35 Ko)
The listed programs have been organized as follow :

3D / mesh / viewers
Data extractors / Data editors
Projects tools
Sounds tools
Texture / TGA / RAW
Wads tools
Tools not reviewed yet

Please tell me if this classification has to be modified.

29th Jun 2002, 17:10
Originally posted by TheMask:
I've decided to post direct links and e-mails too :) ^

TR3 Viewer Application :
Our TR3 Viewer application allows you to load a TR2 and TR3 data files and view the level through a first person perspective. You can use Descent-like controls to move through the level and rotate to look at the level from different angles. Some graphic features have been implemented and can be toggled on and off. Features include textures, fog, culling and lighting. Some important features that don't work yet are alpha blending and the inclusion of items into the level. These may be implemented later. The performance is only good on high end machines with good 3D video cards that have inbuilt OpenGL hardware acceleration.

Tomb Raider Position Editor :
"Enables the editing of Lara's position in a savegame - north/south, east/west, height, and orientation positions may be amended."

Data Raider :
Extracts various data from level-data files.

Sound Raider :
Extracts soundfiles from a sound-archive data file (source code included)

Tomb Raider 2 8/16-bit Texture Twiddler :
Sets the rendering quality (8-bit or 16-bit textures) for MacOS Tomb Raider 2. It works on both the original TR2 and TR2 Gold.

GameFlow :
A scripting utility that allows some customization of TR2 (+ TR2 Gold):
* edit all text strings and level names
* change CD track used as level background music (plus the "secret found" sound)
* control some aspects of game flow (level order, demo mode, and maybe even what happens when Lara dies)
* comes with complete script for German TR2 Gold demo
* reads script and generates a new tombpc.dat file

GetLara :
A TR2 Lara mesh extractor (to 3D Studio 3DS format). See README inside ZIP for more info.

MeshJack! :
Views 3D meshes/objects from TR1/UB/2/3.

TR2 to BMP :
A TR2 texture extractor that seems to use the correct transparent color (pink) but it splits up the textures of the same level instead of keeping it one single image like Jack! does

Jack! :
1st Source: Extracts/imports textures from/to all TR1 (German and English versions), Unfinished Business (TR1 Gold), 2 (+ demo), TR3 (+ demo), and TR4.
2nd Source: Extracts the textures
from Tomb Raider 1 / Unfinished Business / 2 / 3 as *.bmp pictures.
Since Version 0.6 you can also import own textures into the levels.

Lara Position :
Larapos.exe will define where in the level Lara will start.
Syntax: larapos levelname.phd/tub room row column
This is not like position editor, which edits the saved game file; this program edits the PHD/TUB level file.

Tomb Raider Flares :
Increases brightness in TR1 "PHD" level files.

TRViewer :
Views, im-/exports textures from/to TR1-4. Views, im-/exports 3D Studio meshes from TR1-3 (i.e. replace Lara!). Load/replace palette.

TRue View :
"A level viewer for all retail versions of Tomb Raider (1, UB, Gold, 2, 2 Gold, 3, 3 Gold, Last Revelation). It also works on some demo levels (The Times Exclusive and others). It will display entire levels (or cut-scenes), and selectively display the meshes (with animation!), statics, sprites, per-vertex lighting, animated textures, etc. It allows you to position the camera anywhere in the level, moving through walls and objects as needed." Requires OpenGL. Includes source code.

Level Info :
Lists level info and extract texture tiles.

Tomb Ripper :
Lists, plays, and extracts sounds from TR2/3.

SoundJack! :
Plays/extracts sounds from TR1, Unfinished Business, and TR2-4.

Xtract Tomb Raider WAVs :
Extracts sounds from TR1 (with a little work), and easily from TR2-4. Includes incomplete descriptive TR2 sound list.

Map Viewer :
Main Objectives :
- Create/modify Tomb Raider 2 levels
Optional Objectives :
- Create/modify textures, goodies, enemies, ...
The Big TODO List :
- Fully understand the .TR2 file format
- Edit level structure somehow
- Generate all automatic info (aka "Compile")
- Test level integrity
- Use other rendering Hardwares
- ...
With the Map Viewer, you can fly into, out of, below, above, and through (passing through doors/walls/rock) the TR2/TR3 level of your choice in color and with correct lighting (and transparency for TR3). It works for 3Dfx Voodoo video cards and all other cards with a software rendering version, but a Direct3D port is in the works, as well as a full-blown level editor

TRsgEditor & TRposEditor :
Edit guns ammo items etc for all Tomb Raider games using TRsgEditor
Edit the position of Lara in all Tomb Raider games using TRposEditor
TRsgEditor & TRposEditor allow the editing of Tomb Raider savegames created by :
Tomb Raider I
Tomb Raider I Gold : Unfinished Business
Tomb Raider II
Tomb Raider II Gold : Golden Mask {all Levels}
Tomb Raider III
Tomb Raider IV The Last Revelation
Tomb Raider IV The Times Exclusive
Tomb Raider V Chronicles
TrsgEditor allows weapons, ammo levels, health packs, flares etc. to be edited for all games - daypack items may be edited in Tomb Raider IV & V savegames.

If you're tired of cutting and pasting tiles in your paint program in order to make a complete texture set then here is a little utility that'll make your life easier.
TBuilder is the first texture editing utility for Tomb Raider Room Editor that automates that process. Just load an existing set and select the tiles you need.Load another one and so on.
You can also paste the selected tile to clipboard and export it in your paint program for modifications. Import the modified version back to TBuilder and put it in your texture set!

Allows you to im/export textures as 256x256 TGA files to/from all TR1-TR3 levels.

Texture Jack :
With Texture Jack you can open any Tomb Raider level in the games data folder, and save its textures. For Tomb Raider Chronicles levels (.trc), you need to copy the level to your hard drive, and rename its file extension from .trc to .tr4. Ex. change rich1.trc to rich1.tr4. Then you can open it with Texture Jack.

Texture Editor :
With Texture Editor, you can create your own custom Tga file for TRLE. Open a source image and add the tiles to your own new Tga, or an existing one. Both version 3 and version 2 are good. The only problem with version 2 is that it remains resident in memory,even after you close it.When you are done using version 2, do Ctrl+Alt+Delete, click on the Texture Edit, and click End task. Its worth it. Version 2 is good. This program is another must for a good level editor.

TR2Wad :
With TR2Wad, you can extract objects from TR2-TR5. From there you arrange the objects into their appropriate slots using TRwest.

TR_Fix :
If you have a broken .prj file, then this program might be able to fix it.

TR Save Game Editor :
This isn't a TRLE tool. This program is used to edit save games. It's very easy to use. To use it you must place it in the root directory of the game. Ex. For TRLE you would place the program "C:\Program Files\Core Design\trle", then open it and edit the save games. Actually, you just place it in a folder with save games in it.

Texture Edit :
The Texture Editor enables the porting of bitmaps into the application which are then converted to tiled images and applied, via the Chronicles Level Editor, to the rooms.

Tomb Edit :
TombEdit is an editor with a graphic desktop to edit savegames from Tomb Raider 1, 1 Gold, 2, 2 Gold and 3 with the following features:
Show and change settings of:
* Inventory
* Weapons
* Items
* Life resources
* Air resources
Tells you the current statusinformations.
Shows you the hints for the current level.
Overview of all available cheats.
Systemrequirements and more infos for each game.
Simple load and save of each savegame.
Load and save of ANY saved savegame (more then the directly supported 16 !).
Direct jump into each level (Read-to-load savegames).
Customizeable for EACH language by changing the INI-file.

Texture Edit :
Texture Edit is a Windows program that assists in the creation of texture tile sets for use with the Tomb Raider Level Editor. Complying with the 64x64 tile requirements the program automatically snaps to tiles to allow for copying into new texture tile sets.

ATexture :
Little program for adding new pages of textures and animation textures.

BartTool :
A DOS program to copy rooms, lights from levels. Has other features too.

EasyLife :
Change the script and camera co-ordinates in your level the easy way, with 'Easy Life!

GetLara :
A mesh extractor for Tomb Raider II .TR2 files.
Reads .TR2 files (optimized for WALL.TR2, also works on others), writes a 3D Studio .3DS file containing Lara's mesh; also writes a bunch of texture .BMP files. The 3DS model uses the texture .BMP files to display the textures of Lara's skin, hair and clothing.
This is an extractor only, it doesn't display anything graphical. It also does not apply the "bones" (Inverse Kinematics) - that's left as an exercise for the user ;-) (It's really not that difficult). This extractor works for Tomb Raider II files only, not for TR1 or TR3 files.
Anyone with a decent 3D modeling program (e.g. 3D Studio MAX) and an interest in creating interesting animations with Lara.

Jenny :
This utility will allow changes to be made in a Tombpc.dat file and TR3 script files.

CutScene Editor :
View the cutscene data (TR4&5) and convert TR4 cutscenes to TR5

Metasequoia :
Metasequoia is a polygon modeler for 3DCG and game development. It provides you efficient modeling works. It is very easy to use and learn. Even a beginner of 3DCG will be able to manage it one day. It runs on Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000/XP.
One of features is a subdivision surface. It enables to create complex and organic objects as like humans or creatures, and works with a light response.
Other features are
* Blobby object (Metaball)
* 3D paint for mapping
* Various formats to import and export, for example, DXF, LWO, 3DS, COB, OBJ, and so on.
* Plug-ins that you can make with Metasequoia-SDK
* e.t.c.

Remap :
Will re-map texture sheets to levels exported with Return2.exe.

Re-Script :
Restores default script files to your TRLE script folder. Included in Script Editing Studio.

Return2 :
Will extract the room geometry of whole levels.

WADFixer : *
This utility will copy all your existing WAD files, as well as the txt versions of your script and english, into a safe folder.
Then by clicking on WADFixer.bat you can restore back to the safe copies.
This is very handy if you have installed levels that use TRWest or custom scripts.

Room Viewer :
Viewers for rooms of TR levels. Can add lights, show two rooms and edit enemy zones. You must have OpenGL installed.

TRWest : *
With TRwest, you can combine wads, create wads from scratch, extract TR4 wads from a .tr4 file, and decompile script data. Every good level maker needs this tool to create an original level.

AddPage :
A little DOS program for adding new pages of textures and animation textures to PHD files.

ATexture :
A little DOS program for adding animated textures to PHD files.

Tomb Raider Gold Utilities :
This pack includes many small programs and they can: add or remove water in rooms, change lights, change textures etc.

TRLight :
A small DOS program for changing intensity of light.

TRScripter :
Edits Tomb Raider 2 and 3 (and 2G and 3G) game scripts (tombpc.dat, trtla.dat). You can change all texts, parameters of game
and unpack logos. But you must have a Java virtual machine installed. If you want to run
TRScripter, enter for example this: jre.exe -cp TRScripter.jar TRScripter

TRUnpacker :
Unpacks Tomb Raider 4 PAK files

TRProject :
Another program for texture viewing, with more functions. It allows you to load a phd file (note that only full game phd's are supported, demo versions are not supported). Once loaded the graphics set can be viewed, as can the palette and the
individual textures. Graphics sets can be loaded and saved and individual textures can be pixel edited from within the editor. Rooms can be viewed in 3d with texture mapping. After the installation you
have to copy Template.bmp file to your root dir (C:\).

TRueMesh :
With this program, you can view meshes from TR files. You must have OpenGL installed.

TRWadEd :
Useful tool for editing WAD files. This is a texture editor that will allow limited editing from within the program itself. Bitmaps can be saved\loaded, raw data imported/exported. No support for meshes.
The file template.bmp should be in the same directory as the executable to ensure operation.

TRx :
A simple utility (500 bytes of code in a 40kb MFC wrapper) that will reduce the ammount of time needed to upload and download custom TR levels. Please note this only holds true if you did NOT want any changes to the textiles. TRx simply strips away the textiles from the level you wish and allows you to save all the room data, etc. in a seperate file for upload and download. Example: original TR3 level -
City.Tr2 , originally 3493kb. Stripped off the textiles with TRx, the resulting city.trx file weighed in at 1187kb. Using PkZip it went down to a 596kb zip file.

TR5 Edit:
Tomb Raider 5 SaveGame Editor. Simple to use and with a good looking interface.

TR Texture Manager :
Used to Export/import level's textures as 256 X 256 .tga page sheets. Can be be worked on/imported back into: All TR1/TR2 & TR3 levels. Suited for: TR2/TR3 & that other game... Most people use this for pasting texture sheets into levels; can't be used for model building.

29th Jun 2002, 21:50
Guys, help me out, please. I'm getting exhausted doing all this by myself :( I have lots of other work to do :(

29th Jun 2002, 22:47
Hey TheMask!
With the new forum it become easier to understand :)
Thanks for keeping it.

But, all the tools I have you already have the description. Couldn't you post the download links to the others, so I can help you?

30th Jun 2002, 09:50
Originally posted by TREEBLE
Couldn't you post the download links to the others, so I can help you?

Go on TREEBLE, the following programs don't have a review yet, and a download link is indicated
above in this page ;) :

FexItem by Turbo Pascal
Script Generator by XETH
StrPix by Turbo Pascal
TR5 Room Viewer by Roy Godbold
TRAnalize by Turbo Pascal
TR Editor 2D by Turbo Pascal
TR Editor 3D by Turbo Pascal
TRitem by Roy Godbold
TR-Research by XETH
TR Scripting by Turbo Pascal

Note for TheMask

It may be important to point out that some tools have been designed for the "Unofficial Room Editor" (TRE3D) and could perhaps give problems with TRLE. :confused:
Unless I am wrong, this could be the case for :


30th Jun 2002, 21:21

A tool to modify the TRLE script.txt and english.txt files. It's good because it separates everything in sections, instead of a lot of names that the notepad would show you. It's easy to use, but I didn't find a way to create more than one level to choose for.

FEXITEM by Turbo Pascal

Tool for Unnoficial TREditor (the zipfile includes the 2D Editor). If I understood it correctly, it can export the lights and objects from a level, and later you can restore them.

1st Jul 2002, 11:25
Please no email addresses. Leave that for the authors. That is why I have my email address hidden in my profile.

1st Jul 2002, 13:10
TREEBLE, any help helps ;) :) - Thank you
P.S. Check your mail ...

Originally posted by Ale
Note for TheMask

It may be important to point out that some tools have been designed for the "Unofficial Room Editor" (TRE3D) and could perhaps give problems with TRLE. :confused:
Unless I am wrong, this could be the case for :


Yes, Ale, you are right, but I am not sure as well, probably some of the tools you listed are made especially for TRE3D but I am not sure. When I have time I will test those or if anyone knows, please, post here your comments. Thank you Ale and thanx all :)

Originally posted by aktrekker
Please no email addresses. Leave that for the authors. That is why I have my email address hidden in my profile.

I am sorry, I didn't know that, I removed your e-mail addresses. You see, I don't look at everyone's profiles...

However, I will not remove the rest e-mail addresses unless I am asked by the authors of those programs!


P.S. If some of you think that some tools have been reviewed badly or uncorrectly or some important information has been omitted, please, feel free to add any comments. Thank you

Turbo Pascal
1st Jul 2002, 23:41
It may be important to point out that some tools have been designed for the "Unofficial Room Editor" (TRE3D) and could perhaps give problems with TRLE.
Unless I am wrong, this could be the case for :

Most unoficial tools used for my unoficial editor work directly with compiled levels no mater if they where built with the oficial or unoficial editor. This give the adventage to edit somthing in the playable level when you don't have the original project for make the change.

Open tr1-Trc levels and and make some changes on in, like enable/disable the water in the room, enable/disable the sky (tr1-tr3 and TRc levels), replacing a texture id for another, etc, few more thigs. This is a DOS tool.

Open compiled tr1-TRc levels and show room geometry full textured and lighted and with static mesh, it can show the whole level.

This tool is also called "the strpix3 for Rooms". The mainly use is for retexture the level geometry, selecting the availibles texture and using "point & click" each face, also it export/import the room geometry to DXF file for be edited with a CAD program.

It also has support for change room flags, like outdoor, sky, water, quicksand (tr3 only) etc.

screen shot and info here:


TRItem: by Rgbold.
It open compiled Tr1-Tr3 levels and allow to insert new Items/ornaments/triggers, very usefull for expand a compiled level with not need for the source project.

Scripting languaje compiler for Tr1-Trc levels.

the word "script" is used here in different as the way used in the oficial editor where is used for change items labels, play levels order, level descript and some others game options.

The "script lenguaje" described in this tool is a kind language programing used for add items/triggers/ornaments/cameras/lights etc, to a compiled level. all this task are text based and stored in a txt file and added to a compiled level using the trscp.exe compiler.

Like the TRitem program this lenguage is used for add those task directly in a compiled level when the original projects is not availible. This tool was original used for populate empty levels built with unoficial editor, currently is only used for populate levels built using Return.exe program.

Similar to texture edit program, but this one work directly with already compiled levels from Tr1-TRc, used for expand/edit the texture table, define new animated texture ranges and combine textures pieces or pages opening two compiled levels at the same time (even levels from diferent versions like tr4 and trii).

Normally this tool is used for prepare the textures in a tr compiled level that will be used as "WAD" file for my unoficial editor.

screenshoot here:


TRViewer : by E. Popov.
The best program ever, open compiled Tr1-tr4 and show the movables, static mesh and sprites in the level, used for extract/import objects from different levels and import/export the movables/object to 3ds file format, then you can use 3d studio max for edit the meshes and textures of the object (beter that using DXF files and strpix3) and even edit the animation.

This is the tool used for TOMO for porting and making work correct enemies from tr1-tr3 version to the oficial LE editor.

Return2 Y Remap.
Used for port whole leve geometry from a compiled level version to another. Lastest version support levels from TR1-TRc, and the idea is to comvert a old level game version to a newer game version, for example to port level1.phd ("the caves" from tr1) to a tr4 or TRC level version.

The new generated level is almost 100% exactly in geometry and textures as the original, but due that the enemies/objects are not compatible betweent game version, only the geometry and textures are ported, so the new generated level is a empty level with only Lara on in. You need to use Tritem or the scripting languaje for populate the level with enemies/tramps from the new game engine used.

a screenshoot example about the original antartic.tr2 converted to a TRC game level is here:


Just a litle tool used for open tr1-Trc level and show some statics about the resources utilized in the level, this was intended for analize all original levels from CORE, then after tabulating the data i was expecting to found a aceptable resource limit, this way my unoficial level editor's users can knwon if their current in work project still in the bound limits or if they are near to get overloading problems. (in short, if the level is too big in some section)

Descontinued tool for edit object in WAD files, normally used for retexture the meshes but it can also allow to export/import the models to DXF file and edit them with a CAD program so you can change the object look.

This tool is mainly used for build Lara's Outfit.


TREDITOR2d and TREDITOR3D should have to be removed from this "tool list" cose they are not usefull or have any meaning for oficial level editor user.

Turbo Pascal.

3rd Jul 2002, 16:57
Thank you, Turbo Pascal for help :)

Ok, I made the new look :) I converted the list using HTML code (manually of course) so I was wondering if you like it and should I keep it?

P.S. There's a bug which I can't fix. There's a huge space below the text and above the table - how should I get rid of it? Help please, I actually don't know HTML at all...

P.P.S Now I'm looking through the list to see if I had made any mistakes while converting...

3rd Jul 2002, 18:52
Originally posted by TheMask
There's a bug which I can't fix. There's a huge space below the text and above the chart - how should I get rid of it?

TheMask, if you remove all the un-needed HTML tags
"BR" that you have put inside your large table,
the begining of that table ("Name of the Tool/Utiliti...") will start just after the text ("...reviewed below the entire list):")
If you currently have 500 un-needed HTML tags
"BR" inside your table, you get 500 blank lines before the table :D

3rd Jul 2002, 19:39
Ale, check your mail please :)

10th Jul 2002, 20:50
Since many tools have now been reviewed, here is an updated version of the <A HREF="http://alainlecomte.free.fr/TRLE_TOOLS.zip">TRLE_TOOLS help file.</A>

I have also tested the 71 URL's indicated for downloading : Congratulation Oleg, only one link is broken : The one for TREditor3D (home.acadia.net/userpages/vagrant/tr4/tre3d41.zip)

Among the tools listed at the top of this thread, the following are still waiting for a review :

Autosave Eradicator
Script for TR TLR
Text Edit
Texture Builder
Texture Magic
The TOMB RAIDER Project Editor
Tomb Raider 2 Script
Tomb Raider Project
Tomb Raider Screen Thief
TR3 Script
TR5 Room Viewer
TR5 Script Viewer
TR Editor
TRLE Project
TR Scripting


11th Jul 2002, 03:56
Ok, let's see what I've found out:
Good news - Turbo Pascal created one more program called TrC2Tr4 (added to the list). See below for more info and above for a link...
Ale, TRScripting is already reviewed and there's no "TRTex" program in the list above :) I spent the whole night to make some things clear and I have some results: well, I've fixed the broken link you told me about, Ale, (thanx) - it's just that TP has released a newer version of TReditor3D with a different file name and removed the previous one... Then, since different sites write the names of the TRLE programs a bit differently (example: one site has a tool with the name TRtextur and another TRtexture but the progs are the same) therefore a few programs were listed twice, so I removed them. Thus, TRLE Project = TR_Prj ( ;) ), XTRWAVs = Xtract Tomb Raider WAVs, Tomb Raider Project = TR Project (well, even these two could be different progs!), TRe = TREditor3D, Texture Builder = TBuilder, TR3 Script was not a prog but a decompiled file, Tomb Raider 2 Script = GameFlow, Tomb Raider Position Editor = TRPosEditor. I added a few working links/e-mail addresses/author names and I also added some reviews which can be found below...

P.S. Ale, check your mail (btw, nice looking help file :) );
P.S.S. TREEBLE, I'm still waiting for your email.

Xtract Tomb Raider WAVs (XTRWAVs) :
XTRWAVs will extract the sound effects used in the Tomb Raider series of games. It was originally created to extract the sounds from Tomb Raider 2 (from MAIN.SFX file), but it can get them from Tomb Raider 1 and Unfinished Business (with a little work), and Tomb Raider 3 (as easily it can from Tomb Raider 2).

TRsound :
A program which allows you to fully edit main.sfx files

TR Texture Manager :
TRtexture is a texture manager for all Tomb Raider levels version from TR1-TRC, you can Open a target level file and a source level file even from different version and mix texture pieces (64x64) and whole texture pages (256x256). Also you can add new empty textures pages to your target level and define new textures pieces, you can change some atributes to the texture as transparent, semi-transparent and flip horizontal/vertical

TrC2Tr4 :
An utility which converts TRC models to Tr4 format for usage with TrViewer program.

Autosave Eradicator :
Autosave Eradicator is Crofts Gate's add-on program for use with the Tomb Raider: Level Editor under Windows. When you get down to using the Level Editor and you output your project to a wad file, Room Edit will automatically create a backup of your work saved to a file called "autosave.prj". When you start Room Edit it first checks to see if this file exists and if it does a message box will appear asking you whether or not you want to load it. You must press either the "OKAY" or "CANCEL" button before you can continue to use Room Edit or it will freeze up. Sometimes the message box may not be visible, such as after moving the Room Edit window around on the desktop before acting on the message prompt. In short you can't use Room Edit. Autosave Eradicator when run deletes the offending file allowing you start up Room Edit normally without any dialogs appearing. Easy as that.

SCREEN Thief :
Briefly: Screen grabber for first TR. Just run and press Alt+Ctrl+T for screenshots in .GIF format.
Detailed: The Ultimate Screen Capture System! SCREEN Thief is a screen capture program that will capture the screens from other programs cannot reach! Captures directly to .GIF, .PCX, .TIF or .BMP format, supports all VGA modes, plus extended support for Trident, Cirrus, Paradise, Tseng, S3-911 and Oak cards in SVGA modes. Will even capture soft fonts in text mode (such as those used by DOS 6). Requires 286 AT or better with VGA display.

TR5 Script viewer
This program gives you information about the TR5 script. The script data will be displayd when you select a level. The information that will be showed is:
- Item names
- Items that will be added/removed from the invectory
- Sky (clouds and lightning) settings
- File names and young lara flag
This program is under contruction and is created for the final TR2WAD version to make TR5 levels and scripts. This program can't make any changes to the script yet and can contain bugs.

Feel free to re-review any tool :)

11th Jul 2002, 12:18
So the list of tools is almost complete :)
Here is the updated version of the <A HREF="http://alainlecomte.free.fr/TRLE_TOOLS.zip">TRLE_TOOLS help file.</A>

TheMask, the link indicated for TRUnpacker download the wrong program (trscripter.zip)

11th Jul 2002, 12:46
Originally posted by Ale
So the list of tools is almost complete :)
TheMask, the link indicated for TRUnpacker download the wrong program (trscripter.zip)

Yes, Ale, the list is almost complete :) :cool:

As for the link - it is correct, simply there are two programs in on ZIP file - TRUnpacker and TRScripter ; I guess the author decided to release them together :)

IMPORTANT: On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays my server may not work due to some modifications in the server software. Therefore some links might be broken. This is temporarily. I'm sorry for the inconviniences...

11th Jul 2002, 17:45
I've found 2 new programs for TRLE on the net! :) :cool: One is for TRLR script editing ("Script Editor for TRLR") and the other one is a Texture editor ("Studio Tekstur"). Links and all the corresponding info above. However, they are not in English but in Polish (I think). We need a hero to test them :D and to make reviews of them :) Though, Studio Tekstur is quite simple I think... (I just launched those but didn't try anything...)

By the way, I found three more TRLE programs: WAD Edit, Lara's Closet Toolkit, TRMerger - but all links were broken. Does anybody know anything about them?

Programs to be reviewed:

3D AI Editor
Script Editor for TRLR
Studio Tekstur
Texture Magic
TR5 Room Viewer
WAD Edit
Lara's Closet Toolkit
TR Editor 2D

13th Jul 2002, 17:30
Why is AI Editor still in the list? I deleted it from my site months ago and I don't know if I still have the source codes.

13th Jul 2002, 18:13
Originally posted by TRWad
Why is AI Editor still in the list?
The answer is simpe - for collectors (like me)! (Now sounds like a deficit/rare find , huh? ;) )

Originally posted by TRWad
I deleted it from my site months ago and I don't know if I still have the source codes.
You don't need to have them since you won't support this program anymore. I have the executable file which is enough for me... :)

Oh, and you had better emailed me instead.

14th Jul 2002, 19:45
Here is a small update for the description of flooredit. It's for version 3.0, which I am uploading now.

FloorEdit 3.0 by TRWad
Download FloorEdit 3.0 (http://trwad.tripod.com/Download/FloorEdit2.zip)

FloorEdit is a program that can open TR1-5 levels and display all rooms in 2D and 3D. The 3D window works almost the same as in TRLE. You can zoom in/out and rotate the room. There is drawdoors button that renders all rooms next to the current one. The only problem of the 3D window is that you can't select items on it yet.
In the 2D window the sectors are visible like in TRLE, only the items are rendered as yellow squares here. You can select them and they will be red in the 3D window. You can change OCB codes, more items and rotate them. You can move between rooms by right-clicking a door.
You can also view all triggers on a sector. You can use this program to check how items are setted up in original levels or quickly rotate or move an object in a level.
There is also a big 2D map like in trle where you can see the whole level from the top. You can select a room in it and you will go there.

There is also a feature to convert TR4 levels to TR2 and TR3. You can build custom TR2 & 3 levels using TRLE that way. More instructions are included.

14th Jul 2002, 22:11
Originally posted by TheMask
P.S.S. TREEBLE, I'm still waiting for your email.

I know exactly what it is about. However, here you are the link:


You have to modify the links on some tools, because my page was deleted due to offsite linking. So, link to the above address, please?

Sorry I took so long. I am having problems with my FTP program. Guess I shall try another. :rolleyes:

14th Jul 2002, 22:22
Damn, is it working?

15th Jul 2002, 20:20
Originally posted by TREEBLE
I know exactly what it is about. However, here you are the link:


I tried this link and:
Esta página foi removida por desrespeitar o TERMO DE SERVIÇO hpG.
I don't hope it's deleted again!

15th Jul 2002, 21:26
I don't understand, but look at this address:


It's there, right?
The strange thing is that there is a copy of this file named as index.htm, and it still goes to that one.

Oh well... :rolleyes:

24th Jul 2002, 10:56
I'd like to ask a favour :D I'd like to add a tools section to my website, and was wondering.... would you lot like this thread to be mentioned there? I'd also like to know the names of all contributors, so I can give full credit at the top of the page. Also, are there any programs that need hosting too? I wish I could say I'd host the whole lot, but I don't have the room :(

24th Jul 2002, 15:45
Sure, Litepulsar, why not? Instead of creating tools section I suggest simply mentioning (linking to) this thread - which first of all saves web space :) Besides, the names of all contributors are here!
Yes, there are a few programs left which need hosting, however, people don't seem to read my requests/comments :( ...

P.S. Nevertheless, I will finish the list/table, sooner or later...

9th Aug 2002, 13:14
what's this doing all the way down on page 4?! *bumps it up* this is one useful thread.

13th Aug 2002, 19:08

13th Aug 2002, 19:53
Originally posted by Data
I totaly agree with data!

13th Aug 2002, 20:37
Thank you TRWad, however I was merely bumping the thread to the top of the page so as to find an appropriate position before 'sticking' the thread. :D ;)

14th Aug 2002, 00:53
Good point, Data! :D:p

24th Sep 2002, 17:08
Sorry for not updating much, I will make some major updates this weekend (hopefully earlier), have lots of other things to do...

29th Sep 2002, 15:46
No luck all the way :( My server is still down and I'm not the one who's responsible for fixing it, otherwise I would do it long ago! Therefore I can't add more links or fix broken ones. I took over the dead links so you didn't get angry seeing broken links. Although I updated what I could so far.
Sorry again, as soon as the server is fixed I'll upload almost all programs which are left without links and post a few descriptions. Also I'm planning to include all versions of programs I have to the list but I will not put links to them, they will have my e-mail in the place where a direct link should be, so if you're looking for a particular version of a TRLE program you can email me and ask for this or that version and I will either send it directly to your mailbox or upload it personally for you and send a direct link via email.
Thanx for patience

12th Oct 2002, 22:21
thanks for continuing all your had work, TM!

30th Oct 2002, 17:15
Thanks, Litepulsar!
Good news, my server is finally fixed! :cool:
Here's a sneak preview of what I've been working on ;) :

Level Building Program Resource (LBPR) v1.0 :


I hope to release this program by the end of the forthcoming weekend. Simply, I need time to sort/upload a lot of tools, look through all the descriptions and correct all possible (grammar) mistakes an so on... I hope you'll find it handy

30th Oct 2002, 19:28
Ace job! I'm sure that this tool will come in handy.

30th Oct 2002, 20:49
Thank you, MDN :)

3rd Nov 2002, 19:26

Good news:

The program is finished and I've sorted out all programs that I have (phew, spent two days on that).
* Nearly 100 Different programs (I'm also in the search of a few tools, I don't have any versions of them, so if I find them there will be more)
* Nearly 300 different versions !!!
* Half of the descriptions is checked;

Bad news:

The whole "Tools" directory is 210 MBs in size! I don't have that much WEB space. Therefore, I will have to re-search for all tools that are still available in the Internet again and link to them (need a permission also...somehow) - only this way I can reduce the needed amount of WEB space.
Well, this means the release of this tool is delayed, sorry.

4th Nov 2002, 01:35
heck you don't have to apologize, you've done a fantastic job TM :D we're grateful for that alone!

10th Nov 2002, 20:24
Here's the list of programs which (hopefully) be included in the program (this is my collection which I was gathering for 3 years):


3D AI Editor

AddPage v1.5

ATexture v1.0

Autosave Eradicator


Bink Player

BmpToRaw v1.0
BmpToRaw v2.0
BmpToRaw v3.0

CutScene Editor

Data Raider (for MacOS)

Easy Life

FexItem v2.0

Flatland for Internet Explorer v4.0 and Higher
Flatland for Netscape v4.0

FloorEdit v2.2
FloorEdit v2.3
FloorEdit v2.5 Beta
FloorEdit v2.7
FloorEdit v2.8
FloorEdit v2.9
FloorEdit v3.0
FloorEdit v3.1


GameFlow Script Converter v1.1

Get Lara v1.0

Jack! v1.3


Lara Position

LB Mp3 2 Wav

Level Archiver v2.0

Level Info

Map Viewer v1.3
Map Viewer v1.3b
Map Viewer v1.4
Map Viewer v1.5

McWAD • TexEdit v1.0b1 (for MacOS)
McWAD • TexEdit v1.1 (for MacOS)

Mesh Jack beta 3

Metasequoia v2.1.7
Metasequoia LE v2.1
Metasequoia LE v2.2 Beta 1
Metasequoia v2.2.3

PRJBuilder Alpha Version

PRJMerge v1.0
PRJMerge v1.1
PRJMerge v1.02

ReMap v1.0
ReMap v2.0
ReMap v2.2 Beta


Return2 v1.0
Return2 v2.0 Beta

Rview v2.0
Rview v2.02
Rview v3.00
Rview v3.05 Revision C
Rview v3.5 Revision B
Rview v4.0
Rview v4.5.2
Rview v4.6 Revised
Rview v4.7
Rview v5.0 Revision 0

Screen Grabbers -
5 programs for both DOS and Win 3.X (work for TR1)

Script Editing Studio

Script Editor for TRLR (Polsk)

Script Generator v1.1
Script Generator v1.15

ShrinKit v1.0
ShrinKit v2.0


Sound Jack v0.2

Sound Raider (for MacOS)

StrPix 1
StrPix 2
StrPix 3 ATI
StrPix v3.0 Beta 1
StrPix v3.0 Beta 2
StrPix v3.0 Beta 3
StrPix v3.0 Beta 4
StrPix v3.0 Beta 5
StrPix v3.0 Beta R 0.1
StrPix v3.4 Revision 0
StrPix v3.4 Revision 1
StrPix v3.5 Revision 1
StrPix v3.5 Revision 2
StrPix v3.5 Revision 3
StrPix v3.6 Revision 0
StrPix v3.6 Revision 1
StrPix v3.6 Revision 2
StrPix v3.6 with Collision Editor
StrPix v3.7 Revision 0
StrPix v3.8 Revision 0
StrPix v3.8 Revision 1
StrPix v3.8 Revision 2
StrPix v3.9 Revision 1

Studio Tekstur (Polsk)

TBuilder v1.2
TBuilder v1.3
TBuilder v1.3.1
TBuilder v1.3.2

Texture Assign v1.0.3
Texture Assign v1.1.0
Texture Assign v1.6.0

Texture Edit v1.0
Texture Edit v1.5
Texture Edit v1.5.1
Texture Edit v2.0
Texture Edit v2.01
Texture Edit v3.0 Basic
Texture Edit v3.0.1 Basic
Texture Edit v4.0 Beta
Texture Edit v4.1 Beta

Texture Editing Studio v1.0
Texture Editing Studio v1.2
Texture Editing Studio v1.3
Texture Editing Studio v1.4
Texture Editing Studio v1.5
Texture Editing Studio v1.6
Texture Editing Studio v1.7 with Animation Viewer
Texture Editing Studio v1.8

Texture Jack

Texture Magic

TombEdit v3.2.3 (Tomb Raider Save Game Editor)

Tomb Raider 2 8'16-bit Texture Twiddler (for MacOS)

Tomb Raider Flares v0.2

Tomb Raider Gold Utilities

Tomb Raider Level Installer v1.0 (TRLI)

Tomb Raider Media Player

Tomb Raider SaveGame Editor v1.25

Tomb Ripper v2.1
Tomb Ripper v2.2

TRLE FileTypeFixer v1.0 (for MacOS)


TR Level Selector (TRLS)

TR_Exe v1.0
TR_Exe v1.1
TR_Exe v2.0
TR_Exe v3.0
TR_Exe v4.0
TR_Exe v4.1
TR_Exe v4.2
TR_Exe v4.3

TR_Prj v1.0
TR_Prj v1.5
TR_Prj v1.6
TR_Prj v1.7
TR_Prj v2.0

TRsgEditor v5.0.2.1
TRsgEditor v5.0.5.6
TRsgEditor v6.0.1.67
TRsgEditor v6.0.1.75

TR Texture Manager v1.00 Beta
TR Texture Manager v2.5 Revision 0
TR Texture Manager v2.6 Revision 0
TR Texture Manager v2.6 Revision 0 Italian Version

TR_Wad v1.0
TR_Wad v1.1
TR_Wad v1.2

TR2 to BMP v1.0

TR2Prj v1.0
TR2Prj v2.0
TR2Prj v2.1
TR2Prj v2.1 Fixed

TR2Wad v1.0
TR2Wad v1.2
TR2Wad v1.3 Beta 1
TR2Wad v1.3 Beta 2
TR2Wad v1.4
TR2Wad v1.5
TR2Wad v1.6
TR2Wad v1.7 Beta 1 with TRC support
TR2Wad v1.7 Beta 2

TR3 Viewer Application

TR3 CheatWin v1.8.0.4

TR5 Room Viewer

TR5 SaveGame Editor v1.0

TR5 Script Viewer


TRPhoenix Demo - TRDoorStop

TReditor2D v1.0
TReditor2D Update 3

TReditor3D v1.0 Revision A
TReditor3D v1.0 Revision B
TReditor3D v1.0 Revision B (Fixed)
TReditor3D v1.0 Revision B (Upgrade)
TReditor3D v1.5
TReditor3D v2.0 Revision 1
TReditor3D v2.5
TReditor3D v3.0
TReditor3D v4.0
TReditor3D v4.1
TReditor3D v4.1 (Italian Version)
TReditor3D v4.2 (revised edition)
TReditor3D v4.3
TReditor3D v4.4 Revision 0
TReditor3D v4.5 Revised Edition


TRitem v0.01L
TRitem 0.02.38c Test Version
TRItem 2D 06.08.00
TRItem 3D 08.17.01
TRitem 3D v0.02
TRItem 3D 11.18.00
TRitem v09.25.00
TRitem v10.14.00
TRitem v10.29.00
TRitem v11.10.00
TRitem v12.23.00
TRitem v12.31.00
TRitem v01.10.01
TRitem v01.12.01
TRitem v01.26.01
TRItem v08.25.01

TRLEMate v1.0



TRposEditor v1.0.0.117
TRposEditor v2.0.1.27
TRposEditor v2.0.1.49


TR-Research v2.5 Beta Mprager Edition
TR Research 3
TR-Research v3.5
TR-Research v3.9 InsomniaMK Edition
TR-Research v3.9 Michael Prager Edition
TR-Research v3.9 Original Edition
TR-Research v3.9 The Fipes Edition
TR-Research v3.9 TombRaiders.it Edition
TR-Research v3.9 Videogame.it Edition
TR-Research v3.9 Von Croy Edition


TR-Screener v2.0


TRScripter (for MacOS)

TRSound v1.0 build 266


TRueMesh v0.9

TRueView v1.0


TRViewer v0.42
TRViewer v0.50
TRViewer v0.75
TRViewer v0.82
TRViewer v0.90
TRViewer v0.95
TRViewer v1.00
TRViewer v1.01


TRWest v1.00
TRWest v2.00
TRWest v2.00 Italian Version

TRx v0.0


WAD Fixer



WADMerger v1.0
WADMerger v1.3
WADMerger v1.4
WADMerger v1.5
WADMerger v1.6
WadMerger v1.7
WadMerger v1.7 Beta with RunTime
WADMerger v1.7 Beta 1
WADMerger v1.7 Beta 2
WADMerger v1.7 Beta 3
WADMerger v1.7 Beta 4a
WADMerger v1.7 Beta 5
WADMerger v1.7 Beta 6
WADMerger v1.7 Beta 7 Without Runtime
WADMerger v1.7 Beta 8
WADMerger v1.7 Revision 4
Wadmerger v1.8 Beta
WADMerger v1.8 Beta 2 (Animation Editor)
WADMerger v1.8 Beta 4
WADMerger v1.8 + Animation Editor
WADMerger v1.9 Revision 1 (Update)
WADMerger v1.9 Revision 2
WADMerger v1.9 Revision 3
WADMerger 1.9 Bugfix Update
WADMerger v1.9 Final

Xtract Tomb Raider WAVs

I still need time to finish uploading and filling all this info in the program - this is a really time consuming task.

11th Nov 2002, 14:02
I had no idea there were so many tools!

What is TRC2TR4? If it converts TRC files to TR4, I really want to talk to the author. I tried getting PRJ files from TRC, but diagonal walls made it impossible to do right. If the author has info that would help, I'd like to know.

11th Nov 2002, 14:42
aktrekker, the author of TrC2Tr4 is Turbo Pascal and this program is used to convert TRC models to TR4 format. I belive Turbo Pascal has experience with diagonal walls as his last version of TReditor3D (4.5) supports diagonal walls, also, TReditor3D lets you create TRC levels which means he knows the file format, plus, there's TRC file format document available here (http://www.home.earthlink.net/~asasoft/TR5format.doc)! Anyways, send an email to him and see what he can help you with.

12th Nov 2002, 10:38
Thanks, I already downloaded the format. I had enough figured out to create the geometry of the rooms, but collision for diagonal walls doesn't work in the LE, so it seemed like a waste of time.

Wee Bald Man
16th Nov 2002, 23:59
The whole "Tools" directory is 210 MBs in size! I don't have that much WEB space.

Hi TheMask,

This is an amazing achievement. I would be more than happy to host the tool for you if you do not find anywhere else to do so.

Email me if you would like to arange this. I am also happy to upload any updates as often as is required.


P.S. There are no ads or bandwidth restrictions on my site - so it won't irritating to use or shut down due to overload.

17th Nov 2002, 00:18
OMG, The Mask, that must have taken you a LOT of work!! :eek:
Congratulations and keep it up!!! :)

My only doubt is... well, will it be compatible with any download manager (GetRight, DAP...)???

Looking for the great LBPR

17th Nov 2002, 12:57
Thank you, TREEBLE :)

Originally posted by TREEBLE
My only doubt is... well, will it be compatible with any download manager (GetRight, DAP...)???
No problem, will make it compatible :)
WBM, check your PM box please...

Wee Bald Man
17th Nov 2002, 13:34
Hi TheMask,

Check your normal email - your PM box is full so I couldn't reply using that method.


17th Nov 2002, 13:36
Cool, thanks :D

17th Nov 2002, 14:59
Originally posted by Wee Bald Man
Hi TheMask, Check your normal email - your PM box is full so I couldn't reply using that method.
Hi, WBM!
Sorry for the full PM box.
But the worst thing is that I haven't even received your email :(
Could you please re-send it not using the forum system? Use your email service instead and use this addy:

Wee Bald Man
17th Nov 2002, 23:45
Hi TheMask,

Sorry for the delay in replying - I've had to re-install my operating system since we last communicated (!)

With regards to the hosting - I can provide up to 300 Mb of space. If that is enough room, then I would be happy to host all the tools. You can start to send me the links and once I have received them, I will let you know so that you can upload the next batch.

Once we've finished transferring them all - I'll then upload them and let you know the links. :)


(Copy of this message sent to your email via POP3 and your PM).

1st Dec 2002, 20:50
LBPR v1.0 released! ;)