View Full Version : Don't fix matchmaking just punish leavers, easy solution

1st Nov 2015, 13:00
Goodbye Nosgoth.
You found the easy solution. Why do something about matchmaking? Because it's your responsibility? Because it requires thinking and working? No. Just punish leavers and be done with it.
You know something, I am a leaver. The last 3 times I joined a game I was on a almost lost game and I left. 3 times in a row. Afternoon yesterday I opened the game to join a match and I got on the losing team score was like 5-20. I left. I decided to join at night some hours later, then again I joined a lost map and of course I wouldn't play it so I left again and went to play something else. The next morning I decided to play again and again I joined a game that was lost already. I have also happened to play a game once that after 10 SECONDS I swear, after 10 seconds the game ended with defeat. I almost didn't even choose a character and game ended with defeat. But you know what? What is the answer to this? Punish the leavers. Of course leavers have every reason to leave with your crap matchmaking but don't worry...why bother?! You found the solution.

I am uninstalling this game immediately and never download it until you decide to put some effort on your own work.