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John Carter
29th Jun 2002, 15:41
The August 2002 issue of Playstation Magazine has new Lara/Kurtis trent art. Artist is Greg Horn.


Issue is also the PSM swimsuit issue, here's one LCO will no doubt appreciate ;) :


Artist's website:


29th Jun 2002, 15:48
I would pass out if it was real, but it's art made in the likeness of a CG character. Doesn't sound so appealing when you put it that way, does it?

29th Jun 2002, 16:17
kurtis looks a bit po'd in that first pic;)

29th Jun 2002, 17:00
The pics nevertheless are very good indeed, to bad they look nothing like the AOD characters:)

29th Jun 2002, 17:34
they really don't look much like our Lara

29th Jun 2002, 18:06
That is Kurtis, he just forgot to add the white long sleeved shirt under the black one and his "Glaive".

Raider Sunrise
29th Jun 2002, 18:28
Originally posted by Jewell
they really don't look much like our Lara

i totally agree!!!!

Lara Croft Online
29th Jun 2002, 18:39
Rock & Roll Lara :D

(http://www.laracroftonline.com/images/lco_gallery/lco_gallery7.jpg)Click the pic for the big pic!

29th Jun 2002, 18:42
Bikini and high heels. Plus it's a black and white photo. Nice LCO!

1st Jul 2002, 00:34
LCO, why must you make Lara look like an american Motley Crue "babes in bikinis" video woman? Bikini and stilettos??? I would think Lara would have alot more class than some trailer trash skank.

1st Jul 2002, 02:22
sorry, but those lara art images look NOTHING like lara too me:(:(

1st Jul 2002, 19:19
They ARE lovely to look at ... if i was reading the latest copy of FHM id expect to see this, its nice art work though.

Shame it kind of ruins most peoples (oooh apart from men :p ) ideas of who Lara is.

Can you imagine her packing her little rucksack for that trip???!! LOL
Camo shorts - check!
Black top - check!
big nasty pistols - check!
even bigger nasty rocket launcher - check!
Hand grenades - check!
Loads of Ammo - check!
Maps - check!
rations - check!
Guide book on how to kill things real quick - check!

Lara - "ahhh.... right all finnished packing, good job - no room left in my little bag"
*Lara remembers something"
Lara- "Darn! nooooo i just can't leave my designer, hand beaded, little tiny white bikini behind .... awww ill have to take all this ammo and everything out to make room"
*throws the ammo on the bed and stuffs the bikini in the bag*
Lara - " oooh nooo if im gonna take the bikini i'll need the Armani sunglasses to match"
*throws out the pistols, and stuffs them in the bag"
It's just not my Lara LOL :(

2nd Jul 2002, 02:49
LCO... that rock n roll lara is sweet......

Great job!

Lara Croft Online
2nd Jul 2002, 03:47
Originally posted by mulder
LCO... that rock n roll lara is sweet......

Great job!

Thanks Mulder now as you can read a few threads above I must
get busy making another skanky pic LMHO:p

2nd Jul 2002, 06:20
Doesn't look like Lara at all.

Looks like Elizabeth Hurley.

2nd Jul 2002, 22:47
Tom, you had that lara in a bikini and high heel picture! I was not seeing things! *drinks another beer* ;)