View Full Version : Getting very little points from wins

30th Oct 2015, 18:16
I remember getting up to 20 points per win when i started this season but just now i got 8 points and not just this match, i've been getting very little points for the past few wins, is this happening to anyone else?

30th Oct 2015, 20:55
Im gonna ask another thing with the Points:

For well since the league started this have happened.

The server for leagues open up, you enter the first games and win, you then get rewarded with 12+ points (bonus pool not workingchecked b4 and after games). You keep winning and the points you earn is 12+.

BUT as soon as you lose 1 game something happens with the Point system. As soon as you lose 1 game then after you win some more games you only get 2-5 points for winning at most.

And later on the higher rank u are the more points you lose.
But the points you lose if faar higher than the ones you earn.
Again Checked b4 and after games to see if the actual points is distributed but they arent.

So whats up with the point system?

1st Nov 2015, 01:31
I got 1 point for one win, lost 12 for another, there is no such thing as a point or mmr system :) personal opinion of course.