View Full Version : [EP5 SPOILERS] Lets talk bidness

30th Oct 2015, 16:50
Hi guys 1st time posting on here. I just finished my 2nd play through of the game and wanted to share some of my thoughts on it. I found the story overall wonderful and it is the most engaging point and click game I have ever played. And because I enjoyed the game so much it made me look at it and analyze things about it that I think would enhance players enjoyment even further if there were to ever be any kind of DLC or enhanced edition content.

The game is advertised as your choices matter and in a certain sense they do if you look at the ending as every decision you make makes the max you play through the person she is which lets her make the final binary decision of sacrificing bay or bae because you build that character up with those choices.

What I feel a lot of players would like to see would be choices made in previous episodes have an effect on the story and mechanics of how the final episode played out along with locking out and unlocking certain possibilities based on your choices throughout the 1st 4 episodes. This would make the game feel even more fleshed out and every choice more rewarding or punishing but overall carrying more weight.

For example lets take how they handled Nathan. It would have felt much better if your choices could have determined if he lived or died and if he lived he would help you out. So in one path if you didn't get him suspended and you stopped warren from beating him he would still have his gun and theoretically should have been able to defend himself better against Jefferson. In that scenario it could effect the final episode in that he could have come to save you in the dark room along with David. He could have turned on Jefferson when he went to kill max, or Jefferson could have been wounded when he went after Nathan and then they still could have a branching path if he lived or died in that confrontation so they still could kill Nathan off for story purposes in certain circumstances, but the wounded Jefferson would be dispatched more easily when David would come rescue you if Jefferson was shot in the leg. This could also effect the final outcome where if Nathan lived in a "good" ending he could get the mental help he actually needed, where if he was treated poorly, was suspended, had his gun taken he ends up dead as it plays through right now. This could also change the end voice mail you get from him implying if he lives he is going to get help for the things he has done and give him a redeeming moment.

This also could have been done with other things to help give greater impact to the choices, I felt that if you befriended frank and he had a gun there should have been a chance he would come save you as well, who wouldn't want to see pompadu charging in and that would give weight to not injuring the dog earlier on and making sure you had the best outcome with frank not injuring him. This gives mechanics to the choices not just character building consequences to the player character. I think that is what a lot of gamers are looking for in choice based games.

They could even make smaller choices have an impact. Like if you keep Lisa the plant alive in your nightmare sequence you could have gotten some comfort from the plant via text thanking you for being a good plant momma when everything else was tearing at max psychologically it would be a nice balance. We got a text from Pompadu so its not out of the realm of the nightmare possibility. Another example could be if you broke the snow globe earlier on you would be able to get out through a crack in it when you end up trapped on the fireplace to reveal some new plot point.

There are a bunch of other things that they have an opportunity to flesh out as well such as all the native american symbolism which possibly could tie back into the time rewind powers somehow and would be able to give greater depth to Samuel and Ms. Grant's characters. If you played all of the right decision's with Kate Marsh they could have added a 3rd interaction with her in the nightmare sequence or had it so she gave some kind of advantage when seeking out Nathan's phone in the boy's dorm other than just a room number.

Those were just a few ideas I had feel free to add your own or discuss what would make the game feel better mechanically based on the choices made throughout the game

TLDR: Choices that effect mechanics in addition to story line feel like they have more weight to them to me. What are some of your ideas on how you would make your choices change how the episodes would play out. Maybe this will inspire a modding community to make it happen if we come up with good ideas or even in best case scenario a DLC or expansion.