View Full Version : Kingdom Hearts 3 - This game is everything to me.

30th Oct 2015, 14:39
It's been a long time since I first picked up my brother's PS2 controller and got to make my own account on this amazing game I had been watching him play. Little did I know of the influence this game would have on me. Not only would it change my perception of how video games as a medium can influence people, it more importantly became my favorite game I have ever played and when the second installment was released, my favorite series ever. I have been looking forward to playing this third game for so long. With all that being said, I really want to have this game be as close to perfect as possible. So I just wanted to leave some items on here that as an avid fan, seem like a necessity to me in this third game for it to be a true classic.

-Combat: I've thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay of KH especially that of KH2. The swifteness of your combos in that game made everything feel so fluid and every hit of the keyblade felt satisfying. I feel this is extremely important with regards to making combat seem satisfying in this game. I know that BBS and 3D had some troubles with staggered attacks that made your swings have minor pauses in between each part of your combo. This is not the way to go. Another concern from these games was the one dimensional combat options. The command deck in BBS had some commands that were clearly the best option against every single enemy you faced, including bosses. This made the battles drag on since you were just spamming the same overpowered command over and over. Same with 3D's balloon set of spells. Please make sure there are various strong options and values for each ability and summons etc. in a variety of situations. One last concern I had with combat was that enemies, both normal and bosses, were not staggered when hit so they could retaliate on you even though you were hitting them. There should always be opportunities to stagger bosses I feel. Also a thing I loved about KH1 and 2 was the knockback after finishing a combo and also the cooldown after a dash which I feel BBS had problems with. Most of these opinions are backed up and originate from a video on YouTube by Soraalam1 called "Osaka Worries". This is with no malice towards the Osaka team because I, like Soraalam, have faith in the Osaka team. I'm just voicing concerns and wishes here as a fan that I desperately want to see implemented.

-The Worlds: In modern gaming, a popular trend (and necessary one I feel) has been to give the player complete freedom with plentiful options in an open world environment. I think I'd still be fine with loading screens as long as each new section you load into is large and expansive. It would be amazing if I was able to explore the Disney worlds I grew up loving and interact with the characters in side missions traveling throughout the world. I think this addition would bring this game to a whole 'nother level in terms of gameplay.

-Non-concerns: There are two things that I think will done in this upcoming game that will be flawless and I have complete faith in these two items: the music and the story. Yoko Shimomura (hopefully I spelled that right) has done the past two games and is doing the third and I think he is just fantastic! I haven't researched too much who is the creative director for this project but I feel that based on what's been built so far, you guys at Square Enix can do no wrong in this department. Sure, some may argue the story is too convoluted and cumbersome to keep up with. However, I think if you guys just focus developing the characters we love even further, keep great flow to the story, and add more diverse dialogue, then everything will be fine here.

Kingdom Hearts will forever be in my heart and there will always be so many emotions whenever playing this game, mainly nostalgia. As a fan, I just want one last run at experiencing the true magic of this game one last time. Thank you.

12th Aug 2016, 21:39
I feel the EXACT same way as you. I will always remember watching the Kingdom Hearts III announcement trailer for the first time. I remember the feelings that were racing through my head and the fast beat of my heart. I remember my uncontrollable, eat to ear smile and the tears of joy. I had waited so long, played through every game, read about every detail of the lore that the game doesn't blatantly tell directly. I deserved that moment that lasted for an eternity. Afterwards, I felt like I was being being dramatic; crying over a videogame. I looked up reaction videos to the announcement trailer on YouTube and realized that what I was feeling wasn't stupid after all. I saw so many other people were just as happy as I was, with the same smile I wore. I realized that Kingdom Hearts isn't only a videogame. It's a connection to my past; a door to my childhood. I honestly don't think many people will understand how people like us feel about the game unless they played the original game when they were younger like we did.
Just last night I was imagining myself at the KH concert in LA and I know for a fact as soon as they start playing, I'm going to cry like a baby.