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29th Oct 2015, 22:11
Hi all,

I have been playing all-stars for about 2.5 seasons (i.e 2.5 months) now, and I'm enjoying the gameplay. I have however noticed that the game needs more active players. The best way to do that is to help make the game that little bit better based on our experience as players. I myself have noticed a few small but easily fixable things that would improve my experience by quite a bit, and I invite everyone to add to this; I will try to keep the top post updated with people's suggestions

1. Contact tokens. I like the idea of contract tokens and the way in which they're earned - it invites players to return to the game on a daily basis and attend their games. I do feel like some minor tweaks are required. At the moment, not attending your games means you lose out on 6 contract tokens a game and this in the longer run makes it pretty likely that you'll not have enough tokens to keep your team going. I suggest the following: a) Next to the 6 contract tokens for attendance, also award contract tokens for the result - perhaps 4/5 for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss. This means that if you do want to get back in the game after a month of neglect, you should be able to fund a few actual players in your starting 11. b) award everyone 40-50 contract tokens at the start of a season again to ensure everyone can field a decent team.

2. Income from home games. As it stands, the income earned when playing a home game is negligible - 15k for a level 1 stadium and 20k for a level 2 stadium. At this rate it takes well over a full season to even make 1mln, which is still barely anything in terms of improving your squad. I suggest to strongly improve the amounts received per home game, possibly by keeping it relatively low in league level 1 but increasing it in higher tier leaugues ( mimicking real life)

3. Transfer tokens. Again a good idea, but add more sources of obtaining them. My suggestion would be to add them to the rewards for cup games (1 for a win in round 1, 2 for win in round 2 etc.

4. World tour. I like the idea of the world tour as an additional challenge. The only thing that bothers me is the income from it; Cuurently I have made it to round 25 or 26 but each round has made me the same 500k. I suggest to put this to 500k for round 1-5, 750k for round 6-10, 1mln for round 11-15, 1.5 mln for round 16-20 etc. This would make the world tour more rewarding, and as such a better way to upgrade one's team.

5. Transfers. Due to the low number of active players, the transfer market is quite closed which means a lot of tokens are needed to improve your squad (and transfer tokens are hard to come by, see point 3). To add insult to injury, if the player you're trying to sell attracts no bids you lose 3 transfer tokens for nothing! I suggest that a) if a player doesnt sell, either refund 2 of the transfer tokens OR get a system generated bid of 85/90% of the players value (i.e pay 3 tokens for an improved bid from the system which pays 80% standard). b) about two times a season, have the game offer you a random player whose skill is within a range of -10 to +2 of your average squad ability for a reduced amount of tokens (lets say 5 or 10 rather than 20)

Like I said, these are just some suggestions that I feel would make the game better - please feel free to comment/discuss and add your own suggestions below!

30th Oct 2015, 10:11
Nice ideas

30th Oct 2015, 15:25
Thanks for the write up Swesty and I can certainly see the sense in a number of your points. We're hoping to update All Stars soon with a direct link to these forums so hopefully we can get more players here in the near future to see what the general opinion is. Overall though, your ideas are good, but consumables are something that often has to be balanced by our monitization guys, particularly as All Stars is a free game that doesn't currently receive any income from pop-up ads.

6th Nov 2015, 19:23
I realise that consumables form the key to generating revenue from the game as long as there are no ads ingame, and I fully accept the need to balance and stay (become?) profitable to SE. My worry is that it will be difficult to do this as I feel many people get frustrated with especially the cobtracts and this will lead to all stars never getting the critical mass required to becone succesful.
Enough business talk though!

Anyone else want to comment/add to the list?