View Full Version : All Stars - winter time

29th Oct 2015, 18:15
I have noticed that the ingame clock has stayed the same while the clock has gone an hour back, resulting in me now playing my home league games during working hours! With the way all stars is set up this can be quite annoying as Ill miss out on the 6 match contracts you get for 'attending' the match, plus there is no chance I can change any tactics during the match if things were to go badly! Any chance of an update to adjust this issue?

30th Oct 2015, 13:51
You can change your preferred home match times at anytime by going Club -> Tap on Profile -> Edit so that should resolve your issue :)

30th Oct 2015, 14:30
I'm aware of that and I have changed the time now, however that will not take effect until next season. Meaning that this season (which has just started) I'll be stuck with annoying game times. Not sure if I'm the only one stupid enough to get caught out by this but I hope you agree it is a bit difficult this way ��

6th Nov 2015, 12:51
Hmm yes, I can certainly see you point - I'll forward it to the devs for review. Sorry about the hassle!