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possum problem
29th Jun 2002, 13:40
I’m trying to set up linked levels with various trigger points in each to load up the new level - (no problem so far) - but I don’t know how to set this up so that lara appears after the load at
the correct location and not that set by her object position in the room editor.

If that’s as clear as mud: what I’m trying to do is set up an arrangement like the Rome levels of Piagra’s Last Crusade ---- where lara returns to the first level at several points but not
her initial starting position (centre of fountain)

Anyway - I can’t figure it out so any assistance is welcome


29th Jun 2002, 19:50
You have to use a LARA_START_POS object where you want Lara to be in the next level. You assign this a value in the OCB screen.
Then, in the first level, place a FINISH trigger where you want the level jump to happen, and point it to the next level.

Checkout the catacombs and coastal levels, they use this.