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28th Oct 2015, 23:15
I really would like to see a revamped injury system and and an injury list, don't mean to so harsh but the current injury system is rotten...
Anyway i don't really need to say anything about the features as its plain but below is some of the injuries and lengths i got online football-lineups, but in my own format

Man Utd England Shaw, L 15-Sep-15 30-Apr 228 Right leg double fracture
Man Utd NI McNair 12-Oct-15 31-Oct 19 Abdominal Strain
Leverkusn CL Aránguiz 20-Aug-15 31-May 285 Left foot s Achilles tendon rupture. Surgery needed
Dortmund US Gyau 07-Dec-14 31-Dec 389 L knee meniscus damage
Eintracht DE Kittel 02-May-15 31-Oct 182 L ACL tear
Milan FR Menez 18-Aug-15 31-Dec 135 herniated disc
Lazio SN Keita, BD 20-Oct-15 18-Nov 29 collateral ligaments knee injury
Palermo CH Morganella 01-Mar-15 02-Dec 276 PCL tear

Thats just an example of what i got online i done the team, nation etc so you know what everything is, days should be weeks tho, i love having injured players with all different kinds of injuries it gives variation injury wise,

After assessing Luke Shaw's injury in the last match against whatever team we can confirm he has suffered a double fracture to his right leg, we expect him to be out for around 7 month and 2 week.

Maybe something like that in better context makes it exciting.
I could always help out with the injury names or try secure a deal with the physio room :) that would be very cool