View Full Version : ABILITIES Backstab lesser redesing

28th Oct 2015, 06:28
Hi everyone.
I think, it would be nice, if backstab won't break moving at the start of it's animation.
So u could do this while moving , especially while chasing scout with run talent. It could be a good contr ability for this pursuit talent. What do u think guys?
I think it won't break balance much, and I found this stopping annoying.

28th Oct 2015, 16:18
I had a similar suggestion a while back. I wanted something like an instantaneous uppercut with the energy blade but the value would be the same, which is an easier to hit with backstab.

28th Oct 2015, 20:42
If the delay is removed then either distance or damage should be nerfed as well.

Personally I'd rather see plague get nerfed than backstab get a buff, but I agree backstab could be a little better.