View Full Version : FFXIV: Spammers

28th Oct 2015, 05:23
First suggestion - Can we get a way to auto report them. Just a quick "Why are you black-listing" this person. Sorry but if I have to jump though hoops and nothing is done over months, its not worth the effort. The reporting tool in support has a list of things needed. How about making that black list tool have an additional feature to send you all that information when someone is reported.

Second suggestion - When someone is reported as a spammer, with the above information given, lock their character slot, till they can go a month without spamming. If they cannot close the account. Lock them out of the game till they buy another copy of the game. If it still continues, block their IP.

Sick and tired of being tell spammed to buy gil.

26th Nov 2015, 06:21
I'm sick of tired of not being able to make a character on Balmung to play with my friends because it's full of botters. I really enjoy the game but when I can't even join a server because it's so full of botters something needs to be done. Why not just talk to Blizzard Activision Inc. They haven't really had any bots at all since they implemented their new security system. Send those bots packing.