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27th Oct 2015, 23:28
I'm completely stuck on a game in 2019/2020 season (Saturday April 18th 2020) .
I tried to watch my opponent, change formation, delete emails but when I try to load the incoming game it always fail. In few seconds the app crashes and closes, taking me back to the android desktop.
This happened other times in the previous seasons, but usually after one or two resets I was able to move on to the next game.
I play on a Iconia Tablet A 501, Android version 4.0.3
Thanks for your help.

Off-topic: The Italian version contains some spanish words on the homepage

28th Oct 2015, 18:00
Hi Hvchamp, welcome to the forums and sorry to hear about the issues.

Could you please try accepting a job offer for another team to see if that resolves anything?

Could you also point out the incorrect Italian/Spanish words on the homepage so we can fix them asap?

28th Oct 2015, 18:25
Hi, thanks for your answer.
No, I can't accept another job offer as i don't have any offer right now.
The words in spanish are "nivel estadio" that mean stadium level so it should be translated into "livello stadio".
I'm managing Hellas Verona.

30th Oct 2015, 17:54
Any suggestion?

4th Nov 2015, 18:41
One week left, still no answer. The mod is not answering to pm. Now I try the email support, let's see if someone cares.

6th Nov 2015, 13:44
Really sorry about the delay in getting back to you. The only solution may be to reset your career via the manager menu - I'll private message you now to sort you out with compensation.

7th Nov 2015, 23:20
Ok thank you very much

13th Nov 2015, 14:54
Hi im having the same problem, im tranmere rovers in the premier league, and im stuck in 2023 last time i was in the premier league i was fired so dont want to start again really i have put money into the team and ive tried contacting you various times i hope this can be resolved as I have been playing champ manager since 13/14 and have got a lot of my friends playing the game thanks