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27th Oct 2015, 22:50
Welcome to the ROTTR FAQ sub forum.

In this forum Crystal officials and staff members will post and maintain threads with frequently asked questions and answers. If you have any suggestions for a FAQ thread that doesn't exist yet, please post them here. If you have questions regarding an existing topic, please post in the specific thread and we'll update the first post of that thread with an answer.

30th Dec 2015, 03:33
When will ROTTR be coming to ps4?

8th Jan 2016, 18:56
Could you please optimize the game on gaming laptops? It would be great and you'd comforted community.

21st Aug 2016, 16:30
Why can't I remove certain mods from my weapons? (Suppressor, Laser sight etc.)

18th Feb 2017, 12:34
How is ROTTR compared to TR? (in features, story length, ...)