View Full Version : Game vs Players

27th Oct 2015, 15:58
Which one will it be?
Are the players going to adapt to the game...or maybe the game should adapt TO THE PLAYERS?!

I joined a game just for fun, I would play only one. I picked Reaver and honestly I was the only one in my team who had kills, double kills, I did damage TO ALL ENEMY players and my team couldn't finish them off. Soon the score was completely in the favor of enemy team. They were balanced, focused and my team couldn't just finish off low HP players.
So, oh yes I did, I left to find a more serious game.
The next game was, guess what, out of control as well, but this time I played to the end.
Not being satisfied yet with last 2 ridiculus games I thought the 3rd one would be balanced.
So I pressed "PLAY" button and it joined me a game in which my team was losing like 5 - 20 (I joined in the middle of the game).
I left immidiately and the game said it would punish me for this...

Why punish me for your matchmaking? I DON'T WANT TO PLAY LOST GAMES! I WANT TO PLAY BALANCED GAMES!!!

28th Oct 2015, 02:03
MM isn't perfect...we all know this.

But just finish the god-damn match dude...sure you'l get pwned a few matches, but you'd be lying if you said you haven't play matches where you were in the pwning team.

My experience with Nosgoth is:
40% of the times i get pwned.
40% of the times my team pwns the other.
20% of the times it's a good balanced match, which we win/lose by 5 points or less.