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29th Jun 2002, 08:08
This thread will burn quickly!!!!

I'm playing Serpentine Gorge! Ok, my problem is with the first block puzzle after the bolder race!! I got one serpent stone. Now I think that I need to put 2 blocks over 2 symbols in the floor.... but it's impossible!!!
I found one gate in one of the bolder "house" that is closed!
Take a look at my site for the pictures!

29th Jun 2002, 09:19
Well, sorry, but no idea! I've only finished Hidden garden and Emerald Lakes and now I'm playing Firewalk...

29th Jun 2002, 12:35
Hi wriggle,

I'm having problems with the block puzzle myself and I'm not sure that you can put the two boulders on the two tiles. But to open the gate you have to find another path. At the top of the 'boulder run' there's a pushable block on your right. There's a path behind this one and also a lever. You'll get there, although it will take some pushing and pulling!!:D

Good luck!! ;)

29th Jun 2002, 18:26
@V: FW is really good...... you'll like it, but it's little hard to finish! Good luck!

@Wixer: Hi!!! I'm in the top of "boulder run"! Ok, I'll search for the lever..... thanks!

30th Jun 2002, 03:58
Thanks Wixer!!
I found the lever. Now I'm the Serpent room and stuck!
In the room with 4 colums and moveble blocks under each colum I used the 3 serpent stones and did nothing with the blocks!
Now I don't know what to do! I go to the upper level of Serpent room and can't find anything to do! Only 3 new serpent stone slots!
Any hints?

30th Jun 2002, 05:52
If you're standing on the side of the room with the raised blocks, rotate the pushable blocks in a clockwise rotation (or move each block right twice). This will open the gate to the last secret.

If you don't want the secret, just push the two green blocks onto the dark squares on either side of the gate. If you push the correct block onto the correct square the block underneath it will raise and you can push it over to the gray square.

30th Jun 2002, 07:45
WOW..... I'll never discorevy this by myself!!!

Ok.... now I think I need 2 more serpent stones! One gate near a lake is closed! There one building with 3 roles and a big bronze gate that I can't reach! I think I need to flood this area first but I complet lost!
This level is by far the most hard in the serie!

BTW, thanks a lot Catwoman!!

30th Jun 2002, 08:54
@V: FW is really good...... you'll like it, but it's little hard to finish! Good luck!
thanks wriggle! ;)

30th Jun 2002, 09:02
Nevermind!!! I finished the serie!

I recomed to all TR fans!! Hidden Garden is really amazing!!!

Thanks Inch!!

2nd Jul 2002, 05:01
Ok now the problem is with Celtic Folly! Not a real problem but i'm just curios!
How many secrets are in each part of the game!! I don't wanna to miss only one secret from this "little" game!!!!
Thanks........ and where ALL the people that play HG and CF???

2nd Jul 2002, 08:57
As far as I remember........ and this is going back some........ Its nearly a year since I built CF.....

There are 2 in level 1 (should be 3 but I forgot to add the secret trigger.......... doh!!!!) ........ 4 in level 2, some of which can only be collected in the second section of this level........ 3 in level 3 (the 3rd you will only get on your return from level 4)....... 2 in level 4........ and finally 3 in level 5!


2nd Jul 2002, 11:45
@wriggle: Can I ask something? Were you at the previous TR forum? And if yes, did you have the same name? (Because you remind of sme else who has also palyed HD and now plays CF)
-Just curious...

2nd Jul 2002, 13:48
Originally posted by VCroft:
@wriggle: Can I ask something? Were you at the previous TR forum? And if yes, did you have the same name? (Because you remind of sme else who has also palyed HD and now plays CF)
-Just curious...

I had the same idea when I saw his first post....

It's Crook! (with yet another username :D) Right?

2nd Jul 2002, 17:28
Thanks a lot Inch!!! This level is very challenging..... I love it!!
BTW, are you building another custom level??

@V and wixer:
No, I'm new here!!! Do you like my nick?
Just a question, who's crook collin?? Oh, I did it again..... :p

2nd Jul 2002, 19:31
Yes, nice new nick (but I think I'll always remember you by your first alias ;))

2nd Jul 2002, 19:40
@Wixer: Are you collin? wow :D why did you change your nick?

So, here we are: collin, Crook, ... where's drew?

3rd Jul 2002, 02:58
I prefer to be called wriggle ok! It's more charming than others that all you insist that I am! Arghhhh! :p
Oh now I need help with CF!!! I'm stuck!
I'm the room of picture 1, I use the lever in the upper room and nothing happens! I can't go down and back to the previous room cause my jump stop in a burning floor!
What I need to do now?? Somebody HELP!!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

3rd Jul 2002, 03:35
:D Well, i just dropped the food stuff but i'm much the same too.

@Crook, err, wriggle, sorry can't help you now with CF. Haven't played it yet :(

@Collin, err, Wixer, are you still at SG?

@V, if you need help at FW or OH or SG, you know where to post (or even at the old forum till the 8th).

Just to let you guys know how i feel --- ambivalent: sad that the old forum will close (I sort of grown up in it during the TLR and Chronicles days up to the present) and will miss the 'ol house terribly. But happy too that you and other new friends will be around and that it's a much better place and the features are excellent. So i'll just hang around the 'ol one till its end then I start anew here as a newbie. Happy raiding guys! ;)

PS: After SG, I played two excellent levels too: Twilight City by Hokolo (old game but damn hard too!) and if you want quake textures and flying skeletons try Necropolis of Seth .

3rd Jul 2002, 04:08
Nice to meet you Drew!!! Welcome aboard dude!!!
And don't forget, try CF! It's a nice game!!!

[Celtic Folly]
Ohhh nevermind, I found the way!

3rd Jul 2002, 11:07
Originally posted by Drew:
@Collin, err, Wixer, are you still at SG?

Yes I am. I haven't played anymore since I got stuck. It seems there are a lot of rooms I can't get to (when I read the SG thread at Michael's). But I'll figure it out somehow, when I start playing again (don't know when that will be).

I've played also a very nice game right before CF: Aftermath If you don't mind swimming, you should try it!

Originally posted by wriggle:
I prefer to be called wriggle ok!

I wasn't thinking of calling you Crook, but I'll always remember you as such! :)

Originally posted by V_Croft:
@Wixer: Are you collin? wow :D why did you change your nick?

I just got bore with 'collin' I suppose. And new forum, new identity! ;)

3rd Jul 2002, 18:23
Hi drew! Nice to see you again!

Well, "wriggle" and "Wixer" are nice new nicks! ;)
So, everything's cool now! :D

3rd Jul 2002, 18:45
Are you finish CF?!?! WOW..... I'm in the beggining of Part 3!
And where are you in SG? Maybe we can help you to find the way! I get stuck a lot of times in this level! Just try!!!

Where are you in HG??
And if you don't mind to anwser I wanna know, just curious, how old are you??

3rd Jul 2002, 22:31
@Crook: No, I haven't finished CF. I'm going to part four (I had to ask the way because I went straight from part 3 to part 5, and that is never good :))

And don't worry about me not finishing SG. I'm not really in the mood to play right now. It will come back. ;)

4th Jul 2002, 18:50
@wriggle: I've played hidden Garden amd Emerald Lakes. Now I'm playing Firewalk but I think I'll make a pause because I'm also replaying TRC to get all the secrets. I'm 14,5. What about you?

4th Jul 2002, 19:25
Ok, and good to know about CF!! ;)

Yeap! I'm playing CF and is a little hard to get the secrets! You'll like it I think!;)! I'm 20! :)

4th Jul 2002, 19:38
@wriggle: I'll play it right after hidden Garden! ;)

4th Jul 2002, 23:17
Good choice!!! :D

Hey!! I'm stuck in CF!!!
I'm playing Part 3 and get only one secret (the one I got is in the room with 2 waterfalls - crossbow)! Where's the second?? And another thing! In the room with 4 pillars with 4 gems there's a door that is open in the high level but I can't go there!! HELP!!!

PS: The first time I go pass Part 2 I got only one secret too! There's another that I miss in the first pass?

4th Jul 2002, 23:43
@Wixer, ok. Yea, i know what you mean. When the urge to play comes back, just hang around on here for help (if at all) and especially to help ;)

@wriggle, good luck with CF.

@V good luck with TRC second time. You know, i had a tough time getting the golden rose at the second firing range:( but the special features is a treat if you get them all.

5th Jul 2002, 07:10
@ Wriggle...... you can only get 1 secret in your first foray into level 2..... the other 3 (including the Revolver), you can get when you return here after completing Level 3.

As far as Level 3 is concerned, there are 2 secrets to be collected on you first pass. the one you are missing is near the end. Look for a moveable pillar at the top of the ramp, just before you flood the final area. The 3rd secret in this level can be found when you return from Level 4.

To get to the door you mention....... from the upper level of this room, light a flare and then throw it...... hopefully all should become clear!!!!

Good luck!!!!!


5th Jul 2002, 09:11
Thanks Drew!!!

Hey Jon I always get myself surprised with your levels! Congratulations!!! And THANKS a lot!!!! ;)
Ok, but why do I need/use 2 pharos pillar if with only one the glass go away and I can get the gem (btw, i got the gem in the right pillar)?
That's it!!

BTW, in the readme file I read that are 15 secrets not 14!! is the missing trigger that you mention the missing secret?