View Full Version : Season 2 idea with same characters and another ending. (SPOILERS)

25th Oct 2015, 20:07
First, sorry for my bad english. I'm going to write much text, and it have much errors for sure.
Second, this ending it's based partiatilly in steins;gate ending, if you did'n see it, i recommend to you that no keep reading.
And third, this it's based in the Max=Rachel theory, if you don't like, i recommend too not keep reading.

Ok, i'll try to resume, anyway, it have his flags, (Very much) but still i think that i should share with you people. I did think this morning.

The next game could be with Rachel as main character. Can be something like that a prequel/sequel. In that, Max discover her powers at the same way that in LIS, but in any way, Rachel don't exist, and she over travel to the pass, she is not master her powers, and she travel accidentally to the past phisicaly (There is two Max then).

She still want investigate the Vortex Club, but she can't reveal her true identity to no one, or she could cause a paradox. She is now Rachel Amber. Then she meets Cloe again, and two become best friends and else (Like in LIS Chloe says).

At the end, she it's hunted by Jefferson (She don't know that he was the killer), and die. Ok, this it's a posibility of a prequel.

But if she can survive in any way before she dies? travel to the past again, this time not phisically and like the Max of LIS do? Her rest would not her rest.

Then, this, should be a sequel. Rachel=Max now want to try save Chloe to suffer the same destiny that her, but she learns that the time can not be altered or dissasters occurs.

But, she have an idea (Here it's where Steins;Gate it's in). What about cheat THE WORLD? The Schrodinger's paradox. She knows in any way that Chloe will die in the bathroom, she did see in her original timeline. But she only did see Chloe "dies", there was no proof of that se really did die.

Then, she can steal Nathan pistol, and replace it with an exact replica with tranquilizer of red paint instead of real bullets and sound.

Then, Nathan shoot Chloe, and he and the another Max (the one of LIS), both ot them still believe that Chloe is dead, but in reality, she nevers die! And the Max in LIS keep activating her powers and change the timeline and else, but Chloe was alive all the time, and was her real destiny, the one can not be changed!

The funeral should be a trick of Rachel to do people think that Chloe it's dead, but eventually, she and Max will encounter again.

But there is a problem, the timeline can be changed, and Rachel have to die by Jefferson if she don't want that a dissasters occurs.

She accept her destiny? end 1 and end 2.

And that it's all more or less, i know that it's terrible writing, and that it have much inconsistences and flags. But my intention is only make you see the idea of what could be.

I like this forum because most people respect other opinions, and for that i share with you. I would like a sequel like this. I hope that this like any of you.