View Full Version : My second LOK tattoo

Kain's Ancient Blade
29th Jun 2002, 07:58
I just got my second tattoo from the legacy of kain series, the first being the soulreaver and the new one is kain's clan symbol. it looks awesome.

29th Jun 2002, 09:53
You'd better get on posting a pic of them then.

29th Jun 2002, 12:00
yesss, how big is the symbol?

Kain's Ancient Blade
29th Jun 2002, 15:35
the size of the symbol is about 6 1/2 inches long and 5 inches wide. i'll do my best to get a pic posted as soon as possible.

1st Jul 2002, 22:28
dude! thats cool! although personally.. it's going a bit far for me

Power reaver
4th Jul 2002, 13:57
A LOK tatoo , cool .

Kain's Ancient Blade
4th Jul 2002, 22:38
what can i say. i'm obssessed.

LOK series. My anti drug

4th Jul 2002, 22:51
I wanna get a tatto of raziel on my back and one of Malek (of course) on my arm :D

6th Jul 2002, 16:12
Ask Blinc about his.

8th Jul 2002, 03:44
i got the soul reaver on my back it's a pretty cool looking tatto.

8th Jul 2002, 04:22
What tatto does Blinc have???????:D

Umah Bloodomen
8th Jul 2002, 04:27
He has the Kain glyph on his shoulder/arm area and a barcode on his forearm.

Both are muy excellante and guaranteed to make a woman drool...

Oops...was I thinking out loud? :p

Umah Bloodomen
8th Jul 2002, 04:31
Here...look at the avatars. Blinc's glyph is there.


8th Jul 2002, 04:56

thanks Umah

what about you any tattoo's umah???????:

Umah Bloodomen
8th Jul 2002, 06:17
I have one... I want more though. (So far I am not LoK Related...LOL)

I had plans for my own Kain glyph and a Raziel symbol. I would put the glyph on my back between my shoulders and the Raz symbol on my arm where Blinc has his glyph or perhaps my ankle. Not sure yet.

(This pic is unalterd compared to the last time I posted...LOL)

Let me Know if you can read it. ;) (http://members.aol.com/umahbloodomen/3.jpg)

Kain's Ancient Blade
8th Jul 2002, 16:30
mine looks just like blinc's, and i have the soulreaver coming down my other arm.

LOK series. My anti-drug.

8th Jul 2002, 16:35

and its readable

naughty eh :D :D

8th Jul 2002, 16:53
Very cool indeed.

I would love to get a tattoo myself but I am not sure how I would react to the agonising pain of it. I would certainly have to dull my senses a bit first!

8th Jul 2002, 17:00
It doesn't hurt as much as you probably think it does. Plus after five or ten minutes your adrenaline gets going and then you really don't care any more anyway =).

8th Jul 2002, 17:09
Hmm. Now you have got me seriously thinking about getting one myself! And I just happen to be in a place where I could probably get one done for about a dollar..Bangkok. (though they would probably include a dirty needle as a free bonus). Now that would be a good look to take with me back to sunny Perth.

9th Jul 2002, 04:00
i was thinkin i was gonna get this on my shoulder/arm location


i dont know who drew that but its good

and raziel on my back (lol get it )
i wanted him in one of his kind of battle stances

but without the background and the branch

but then i saw this and i though that maybe i could get this as my only tattoo on my back


what yall people think

but im gonna get the colours for the black and white pictures and tell the guy/girl where the colours go

what yall thinks

Umah Bloodomen
9th Jul 2002, 04:04
Raz would look cool. They all look cool though.

If you get Raz though, get him actually gripping into your flesh with his claws. That would be nifty I say. :p

I am more of a tribal-art girl myself (as you probably saw ;) So I will refrain from any characters.

I would like to get a decent shot of Umah's shoulder tattoo. That would be good to check into for my arm.

9th Jul 2002, 04:11
yea thats a good idea about raz gripping my flesh

i saw umah's tattoo somewhere

arm arm arm arm damn i cant remember sorry umah

i'll see if i can find it

Umah Bloodomen
9th Jul 2002, 04:36
I'll be looking forward to it if you can find it. The best shot I have seen of it is the picture on DMK_Azrael's sig image. (I've got the full screenshot).

9th Jul 2002, 04:51
ok i'll try my best but no garuntees:D

9th Jul 2002, 05:06
That would look really cool, though I would personally probably just get a little one somewhere, something fairly cryptic like a Glyph or something on my hip rather than a big figure on my back if I end up getting one - it comes down to personal preference really.

Umah yours is really cool.