View Full Version : Help: I'm a newbie and I can't finish level 11

25th Oct 2015, 06:17
Just got the new Relic Run on my iPhone, and I haven't played Tomb Raider since about 2001.

I like Relic Run, but I got to level 11 and I'm stuck because I have no idea how I'm supposed to kill the Lizardmen. All I've got are pistols (which don't seem powerful enough) and it says I can't upgrade til I've completed level 11. But I've died about 8 million times and only managed to kill one Lizardman one time - and I don't know how I did it. I even bought diamonds so I could revive - but even when I revive 5 times in a row, I still can't kill anything.

I feel like maybe I'm missing some kind of secret trick or something, but I can't find a walkthrough anywhere.

Laugh at me if you must, but any advice would be appreciated.


25th Oct 2015, 14:16
Well you don't need to kill them all, you just need to get passed them to pass the level. You literally just tap them to shoot. There's no real way to help you. If there are any red barrels, tap those, they blow up and kill enemies. You only need one star to pass the level.

25th Oct 2015, 21:17
Thanks for your response. I did know I was supposed to tap and shoot; I just haven't been able to hit more than one lizardman (and even that was a fluke - it seems impossible to actually aim at anything). But I didn't know I didn't actually have to kill all of them in order to pass the level. So thanks for that info.