View Full Version : does any one know if dragon quest 7 will be realeased for ios or nintendo 3ds for us?

25th Oct 2015, 02:27
does any one know if dragon quest 7 will be realeased for ios or nintendo 3ds for us?
i really like the series i have dragon quest 7 for ps2
just wondering if it will coming to ios or other platforms for us thank you for any and all help much appericated

25th Oct 2015, 10:29
No confirmation but...

Square Enix announced they could use crowdfunding to localize more games.
What games could they be? Is DQ7 a possibility?

The recent mobile release may also increase the chances of it being localized (on 3DS, mobile, or both). Square Enix has not abandoned 3DS localizations, they have FF Explorers coming soon and localized by themselves (unlike titles such as Bravely Default which were localized by Nintendo).

Square Enix also acknowledged that they are aware of the fan pleas for DQ localizations.

At Japan Expo (an event in France), there have been conflicting news coming from the coverage of Yuji Horii (creator of DQ) interviews, some claiming that he mentioned that there are plans for localization, while others say there are no such plans.

Before that, Square Enix sent a cease and desist letter to a fan translation group who were working on a patch to translate the game.
They did the same for the FF Type-0 fan translation project when they announced the official localization. Is it good news?

Last but not least, Square Enix mentioned that the success of DQ Heroes could bring more DQ titles to the west.

26th Oct 2015, 21:31
I have a feeling that something will be announced at PGW. But, I have a bad feeling that we'll only get the iOS version. If that's the case, they may as well not bother at all.

10th Nov 2015, 19:12
this is a list of their current 3ds titles, though it doesnt seem to mention any of their older ones like theatrhythm FF or bravely default 1, but as you can see there are currently 6 DQ titles on the 3ds:


as you can see, dragon quest 8 got a 3ds remake as well.

the fact that SE's NA website for FF Explorers is complete crap compared to the JP website:

and the fact that FF Explorers comes out in 1 month for japan, and 2 months for the rest of us, we should have a better website than what we have. heck, if you look at the type-0 HD NA website compared to the original JP website, it is pretty apparent that SE USA have become very lazy with presentation and marketing their games properly.

the fact that Dragon Quest Heroes made it over here is great, but i heard there was supposed to be another version of the game on ps3, which none of us got. SE USA will release games like thief on every single console available, including the PC, and yet they cant do the same for FF or DQ, it is really pathetic that they have become lax in localizing games properly, and continuing to push mobile games instead of putting the games out on handheld gaming consoles, instead, which is where they belong in the first place.