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24th Oct 2015, 01:12
So got back from my trip a few days ago, & here's sum pics from the trip: https://www.flickr.com/photos/137231849@N08/albums/72157660180105216

Please pardon my meh skillz as a photog & my phone's wondrous inability to shoot at nite :scratch::rolleyes:

Btw, just sum pointers & trivia for folks who may b visiting HK sumtime in the future:

- HK is HOT!!!. Arrived around mid-Sept, temp was supposed to be 86 F (right around 30 C), which isn't that bad, but when the forecast says humidity is 100%, they mean it. Right out of the airport, it was like walking into a wall of invisible steam, a sauna room; not hyperbole, it was physically palpable, I was completely unprepared. Make no mistake, HK is most assuredly part of the SE Asian sphere climate-wise.

-On that note, buy plenty of bottled water. Water fountains r few & far between, even in shopping centers & such, & given conditions, u must stay hydrated. Thankfully, u can't throw a rock w/out hitting a 7-11 in HK, so ur covered. I chose Watsons; its big, cheap, & the bottle's kinda cool :D ($9 HK, roughly $1 US)

-Escalators r faaast :eek: Don't think I've ever encountered the like, almost double US. When the recorded lady says "mind ur step", mind ur step.

-Mid-Levels Escalator (not super-fast) goes up just fine. Going down...hope u have comfortable/sensible shoes, cuz ur gonna have to walk the whole way back (books failed to mention this lil tidbit). Me, I tagged along w/ sum locals & hopped a ride down on a Triad-controlled mini-bus, $3.30 (k, maybe not "Triad-controlled" :p). Btw, it was a pretty fun, hairy ride down. I'd have taken sum pics, but I was too busy doing as the locals were & holding onto hand grips for dear life :lol: I kid u not, they were, so I did too. That was a crazy steep ride downhill

HK has sum terrific elevation changes, cuz its so hilly/mountainous. Roads, apts, all on pretty steep inclines, its a sight.

-Transportation is unbelievably cheap. $2.30 for the tram (bout a quarter), $2.50 for the Ferry, think $4 sumthin for buses? MTR is based on distance/regions, so the further u go, the more u pay. So...

-...prepare to carry a sack's worth of coins in ur pocket. Unless ur staying a while, in which case get an Octopus card ($100 HK deposit)

-Stay a while. A layover, no matter how long, is not anywhere near enuff time to cover even the basics. In order to catch my flight, I had to make sum hard cuts: No Aberdeen/Jumbo, Lantau, Po Lin Monastery/Buddha/Cable Car, barely set foot in Kowloon. I even ran outta time to go to the Convention Center :eek: :(

-If u are there on a layover, the single-day return ticket on the airport express is terrific($100 HK/$12-ish US): 23 min. each way, fast & smooth as silk. If u have time, might wanna try the A21 bus to Kowloon, that's what I'm gonna do next time. (Btw, Be On Time, for everything. HK doesn't suffer laggards; 1 minute late, ur so SOL)

-Finally...where daheq was Pork Bun Guy?! Admittedly, I barely scratched the surface when it comes to HK, but wherever I did go, the man & his food-on-a-stick brethren were nowhere to b seen :scratch: Not 1 street-food vendor; is Pork Bun Guy...a myth? :eek: Say it aint so, that he's all over the place elsewhere, say, in Kowloon x/

Anyway, it was still very cool, cant wait to go back (& this time long enuff to do the place justice). All-in-all, UFG did a very good job representing HK (especially N. Point). Whatever shortcomings there might've been in SD's HK, I chalk that up to hardware limitations, not lack of skills (except in terms of foliage; that's sum hardcore jungle flora over there, not that we'd know from SD =/)

P.S. Also stopped over in UFG's turf, Vancouver... for 1 1/2 hrs (wouldn't even let us out of the transit "lounge", take a look around the airport, which I heard was lovely). Just stayed long enuff to find out y'all had a French radio station, A Hindi station, @ least 2 country stations, & 94.5 is Vancouver's source for today's hottest music :cool::thumb:

25th Oct 2015, 17:17
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