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24th Oct 2015, 00:08
Okay, so apparently, Dontnod was on a bit of a budget crunch and that's why the ending was so... abbreviated.

Well, in that spirit, here's some suggestions:

1). Keep the present two endings.
2). Offer two more endings.
3). Add an additional playable epilogue in each ending.

So here goes:

Sacrifice the Town: Do a "Two Weeks Later...." and have the player regain control of Max in a hotel room. Chloe says something like "I'm gonna go out and get something to eat." and Max gets up and the player can control her, and sitting on the nightstand, is a new journal she started. The player can read this journal and it will have details of all of the major characters in the story and what became of them, depending on your choices. When you're finished, you can interact with the door which triggers the game's credits screen.

Sacrifice Chloe: The player regains control of Max on Friday Morning before the Funeral. Max makes a comment to herself that today's the day of the funeral, and the player can interact with her original journal laying on her desk. This journal details all of the things that happened that week to all of the major characters. The decisions you made in the game were made again during this week where applicable, being nice to some people caused you to ultimately end up on more friendly terms with them (Victoria, Taylor, etc). Being nice to David causes Max to visit David and Joyce and they have a nice long talk where they remember Chloe fondly, etc.

New Ending #1: "Talk to Nathan before he shoots Chloe". Choose to go back in time, but you are given a choice prompt -- Stall Nathan or Stay Hidden. If you stall Nathan, you're able to use a dialogue tree to talk him down before Chloe arrives, or perhaps Chloe arrives mid conversation and you're able to talk him into not going through with the shooting and/or you're able to talk Chloe out of blackmailing him. The tornado doesn't happen (or maybe it does) but this time, Max is able to focus on convincing people to evacuate once Jefferson is arrested and Nathan gets the mental help he needs. In this ending, Friday comes and Max has a chance to read her Journal and just like the "Chloe Dies" ending, some of the choices you made in game will be made again where applicable, only this time there's more choices added with Chloe; depending on how nice you were with her, and/or how nice you were to David. The family might stay together, Joyce might kick David out, etc etc depending on how Max feels towards David and Chloe.

New Ending #2: "It was all a dream!" This would be a special Easter Egg ending. To get this ending, you'd have to play through Episode 5 again. This time, when you get to the part where there are numbers all over the walls (where you'd normally need to use the mirror to find the one number that is reflected), there's another unique number somewhere in the room that isn't visible from the mirror that is only written once. Inputting this number makes all of the lights come on simultaneously and when you go through the door, Max suddenly wakes up in her dorm, the day before it all started, only this time she discovers that she can't actually rewind time, and Mr. Jefferson's dialogue is quite a bit different than she remembers it being, and it turns out that it was all a weird dream, though some parts of it might be true, others might not. After the "first day" classroom sequence, the screen fades out to a "4 days later...." and Max wakes up in her dorm room again, having won the Everyday Heroes contest and the player is able to read the journal and find out that half of what happened in the game wasn't real, but yet the other half was. Some choices you made will actually matter, and Max did in fact re-unite with Chloe, etc, etc.

EDIT: To the people who say a good ending would "ruin the game", please keep in mind that you wouldn't be forced to take this ending. Don't like the ending, don't take it.

24th Oct 2015, 00:18
I like the New Ending #1, I really do.

I just suffered though the "Scarify Arcanda" just to see what was there. I though it wasn´t really that bad. Maxine and Chloe look not that happy, I noted that last thing Chloe did was to put a hand on Maxine shoulder to comfort her and she was looking damn sad there. I will have to agree there could have been more in it, I am not sure though as I am not a professional or amateur writer. I like the ideas people have suggested to be added to that ending like you are doing here Corinth. :cool:

24th Oct 2015, 13:43
Some interesting and nice ideas, Corinth.

Also: Beside additional endings/epilogues IMO it would also be very easy to improve the "Sacrifice Aracdia Bay" ending. All Dontnod has to do is to add a few shots of survivors in Arcadia Bay (including at least some of the minor characters) and give us an optional kissing scene between Max & Chloe in this ending too. Those are some improvements which could easily be added to the game without much resources.

24th Oct 2015, 13:45
If dontnod intended for the whole population to die, then show it. I need to see it for myself for it to have any impact. Now I get the impression that some time has passed after the storm and that there are survivors. This is really nagging me.

24th Oct 2015, 14:03
Ending #1 is all I talk about the whole time. Dont only sit in the corner and let it happen do anything, talk to him, attack him or or ro...

. But there is one failure I notice now (or someone else at the steam forum notice it, not my idear).

There are two main theories out. The Storm comes up bcs. you alter time at all and the storm comes up bcs. you change chloes destiny. But all is allready wrong before the "restroom-shoting" steps in.

In class Max rewind to not damage her cam...at the point where she took the shot from the butterfly she allready alter the time and the storm must come up only bcs. you change chloes destiny...but than all the other things you change (save Kate, save her not) and so on would also cause some storm, bcs. you change there destiny´s too and who says its Mr. Jefferson destiny to be arrested...and if you do this...you know what comes...another vortex or so...