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23rd Oct 2015, 21:40
Alright, I decided to give you all my two cents on the whole ending thing. To be honest, this is me just expressing my points and ranting a bit (I'm bitter, I ain't gonna lie). I have stuck with Life is Strange since it came out back in January, and not only did I buy it on both my PC and PS4, I bought several copies to give out to my friends simply because I wanted to support a game like this; a game that's different. I also liked giving Dontnod my money, but that's a different story. For a twenty dollar game it exceeded all my expectations and made me more invested into the story and the characters than far more popular games.

To be honest, I don't find the endings bad nor do I mind that it boiled down to only two endings. If you really think about it, Chloe's and Max's fate has been foreshadowed since the very beginning of the game; so the fact that it came down to saving Chloe or Arcadia Bay (Bae vs. Bay) didn't surprise me one bit. In fact, I knew what I was going to do if it did come down to it so making the final decision wasn't particularly hard for me, but I will get into that later.

Now, here are the problems I had with ending of the game and Polarized in general.

1. The difference in effort
Once again (I'm really trying to emphasize this), I do not find the endings bad; just the way they were executed, or rather, the way one ending was executed. If you compare the two, you can clearly see which ending had more time placed into it and frankly... It makes me feel like the Developers wanted me to pick that particular ending. Closure is something one ending got but the other didn't, which in my opinion, makes it seem less worthy (by now you all probably know which ending I'm talking about). I don't even mind that the 'Sacrifice Arcadia Bay' ending was left mostly to the player's imagination, but it makes it seem lazy and sloppy and, once more, it lacks closure I hoped for. Sure, it's not the morally correct decision but a decision nonetheless that deserved the same time and effort placed in as the other one. I do understand that there was lack of time and the budget (as one of the Developers stated), but I would prefer if Polarized came out later if that meant we would get a better experience. Also, a game that sold one-million units and got such amazing reviews and award nominations doesn't deserve one of the endings to be so, I hate to say it, half-assed.

Of course, this can be fixed and I really hope it does. In the next update, replace the 'Sacrifice Arcadia Bay' ending with an extended version of the said ending, a simple short cut scene would do that gives us a better insight on how Max and Chloe end up, preferably depending on your choices (If you chose to give Frank the money you stole, if you chose to develop feelings for Chloe, etc.). It really shouldn't take much effort to do so, and I'm sure most of us wouldn't mind if they fixed their mistake. Hell, they don't even have to add it in the game itself, they can post it on their social media and lift the spirits of the fans that picked the said ending. If not an extended ending, some artwork would suffice just fine. As a fan of Chloe and her relationship with Max, and as a player who picked her over Arcadia Bay, I feel incredibly disappointed with what I got and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

To conclude, it really wouldn't take much to fix this problem.

2. Questions left unanswered
There are plenty of questions that I hoped would be answered in the final episode. Why were the Prescotts portrayed through all of the episodes as the one's pulling the strings if they had nothing to do with the events going on in Arcadia Bay in the end? (You can't expect me to believe Jefferson made all of that work on his own with only Nathan's help, who wasn't particularly favored by his own father) Who really was Rachel Amber? What about the Tobanga and the spirit animals? Was Max's role really just learning that messing around with fate will have consequences and some decisions you'll regret your whole life, or was she supposed to be a pawn in something greater?(Clearly not, but oh well)

Again, the solution to this is rather simple and some money could be earned from it. Release one episode DLCs that would cost the same as an individual episode. I do realize that this would feel like we're paying extra for the full experience we deserve and it most likely won't happen due to other games Dontnod has in plan but hey... A girl can dream.

3. Fate of certain characters
This is unrelated to the two endings, it's rather my comment on the whole treatment some characters got.

I will say right away that I was not a fan of Nathan Prescott's actions, nor did I find him worthy of being put on a pedestal in the end; he did some pretty horrible stuff and he deserved to be punished. What does bother me if he was gonna be portrayed as just another victim of Jefferson, or rather his manipulation, why not dwell more into it and offer him a way to redeem himself in a way that would actually show how sorry he was? A simple phone call didn't do it for me and I feel it could have been executed way better and the way he died was rather... Anticlimactic.

Rachel Amber is another example. What were her true motives? There was clearly more to her than it met the eye, which was heavily hinted through the whole game but never explained in the final episode

There are others who I feel didn't get the attention they deserved (Principal Wells, Samuel, Frank, David), but Nathan is by far the one I was disappointed in the most; despite me not particularly liking him. Again, this can be solved with a DLC that would be played from the point of view of a different character.

Please, feel free to agree or disagree with me in the comments, I'll gladly reply and engage into a discussion with you. I do realize that the story of Max and Chloe is over, and the chance of us getting what I suggested is little to none due to them focusing on other games. I do believe that our voices should be heard, though, so same mistakes aren't repeated in the possible sequel or just in case the developers do decide to fix some of the issues.

Life is Strange still is and always will be one of the best games I ever came across, and none of these problems will make me love it any less. If Season Two does come out with a whole new cast, you can bet I will play through it with equal enthusiasm. Not only that, but I will also keep an eye on Dontnod's other projects (Vampyr hype).

All that's left to say is, thank you Dontnod for the roller-coaster of emotions that was Life is Strange and I will continue to support the game regardless.