View Full Version : You shouldn't lose any points for completing a 3v4 match

23rd Oct 2015, 19:59
As the title suggests, you shouldn't lose any points. I just finished a match 3v4 and lost 6 points, when I could have quit and lost none. I didn't anticipate losing any points (thought this was fixed) so I stayed in just to complete the match.

24th Oct 2015, 01:14
Mate, don't want to disapoint you, but... alot of **** happen in this point system. Its completely idiotic.
I lost points on a WIN (!!! see post nearby I have screen there. And btw, I was top player of my team in that game)
I lost up to 12 points on Loss (when 4 supposed to be maximum)
I rarely get more then 4 points for Win, while being top team player, when even lowest team player gets way more points then me.
I always have positive KDR (Kill / Death Ratio), but still loosing points due to crab handed teammates.

Are you still suprised by loosing 6 points in a 3v4 ? Well, Thats a common thing, happend to eeveryone I believe.