View Full Version : Can't play Episode 5 on PS3

23rd Oct 2015, 18:25
Ok, here's my situation. I am a new PS3 owner. (I know I'm a bit late) Maybe I'm just missing something because I'm not super familiar with the console yet, so bear with me here.

I don't want the first four episodes of Life is Strange. I've already watched my friend play them. I do, however, want Episode 5 for myself. I know that my choices will be random, this is fine.

So I purchased only Episode 5 from the PS Store. I download and install the game, but it's not showing up under my list of games. It shows up there once I have it downloaded, but when I click on it and install it disappears. It shows up under game data, but not under the list of games that I can play. (Yes, I have restarted my PS3 and redownloaded/reinstalled the game. Multiple times.)

Do I need to install a previous episode to play this? Someone on the LIS twitter account asked if they could just play E5 and they said yes, so I assumed it was the same for PS3.

Thanks in advance if you can help me out.