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23rd Oct 2015, 18:17
We have a SOLO tournament, but is it really so ?
Made my way from Silver 3 to Eternal in about 12 days. Although, I started a week later after tournament started, so I had alot of "Bonus Points".
As soon as I got in Eternal (maybe bonus pool got depleted at the same time), I started getting MUCH less points per day, so I did some monitoring and research on this. (4 times dropped to Blood 1 and worked my way back up).

1 - As long as I'm in any division lower then Eternal, I seem to get an avarage more points per fight (won / lost)
2 - It is stated that for leaving the fight one will loose MAXIMUM ammount of points (4). So I thought its a maximum you can loose in a lost fight (would be logical....). Guess what ? NO ! Had a minus 11 points (+1 bonus, so -10) for intentional feeding by teammate (loss).
3 - Getting anything more then +6 points for a win is quite rare. Happends in 1 case out of 10 wins (not counting bonus). No matter how good I play, how much damage / kills I do or how great my KDR (Kill / Death Ratio) is.
4 - Common situation (9 out of 10 fights) for me (while in Eternal) is +1 - +4 for a win and -1 - -6 for loss. Which makes 50% win ratio NOT profitable.
5 - Once got in the same fight with a friend, on the same side. Match summary - 1st palce = me, 3rd place = friend. Win. He got 22 points, I got 8. Both were in Eternal at that time, more then that, He was at about place 65, while I was somewhere around palce 90. Increadible.... And yes, I do know His palying skill is way lower then mine, and his "MMR" (or how its called?) is lower. But this all makes no sence at all. Him being Higher in league then me, while having same ammount of matches played, a bit lower win rate, and alot lower skill. Its damn Tournament !
6 - Today I had funniest situation ever. Its already 2 days as I dont play more then 2 fights per day, so I got some bonus points accumulated. Now, here is a screen of a WIN (!!!!!).
Dont pay attention to +30 under place in Division, its bugged and jumps to any number. Real points are on the left side. Base and Bonus.

http://s29.postimg.org/mpzt4all3/2015_10_23_00001.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/gcaq11goz/full/)

All this is really sad. Makes me really confused about how this system works at all.
Thats not talking about stupidest idea to award points for TEAMplay in SOLO tournament. Everyone already knows its not personal skill which matters in this tournament. Its only time invested and some luck with a teamplay.
So whats the point in this stupid system at all ? To award some random lucky people with cash ?

23rd Oct 2015, 20:44
So whats the point in this stupid system at all ? To award some random lucky people with cash ?


24th Oct 2015, 00:56
I figured out easy way to complete tournament in top 10-30.
Its really easy actually.
Catch is, you get more points the lower your "MMR" is. So :
1 - When Tournament starts - Make a fresh, new account (and have zero MMR on it)
2 - Fight 10 matches per day, and fight like real troll. Feed, do low damage, don't cover teammates, etc. This all is to keep your MMR as low as possible.
3 - In 5 matches out of 10 your team will simply carry you to a Win. Due to low MMR you get insane ammount of points = advance way faster then your hard working teammates (proof ? see point 5 of my 1st post) P.S. Balancer will normally give you people with higher MMR in team, to compensate your low MMR.
4 - If nessesary, in last 3-5 days of tournament, put more efford and can even start to play normally to ensure you fast get to top place. This will increase your MMR, but I believe it will not go to max in just 2-3 days time.
5 - = PROFIT ! Get your 1000$ - 150$ for spending 2 hours per day for 3-4 weeks. For some countries its a very good money for doing actually nothing.
6 - Delete account.

P.P.S. Devs can try to proove me wrong, saying that people in top 30 have max MMR, etc..
Yeah, ok.. It prooves nothing ! I never said I'm the best or anything like that, I only consider myself "above avarage". And I can actually name at least 5 people who play much worse then me and completed less or same ammount of matches, but they were in top 50 of Eternal division, while I was struggling to hold on at least 90th position. Again - point 5 of my first post is a clear example of WHY is that.

24th Oct 2015, 04:08
Interesting analysis, but I'm not sure I follow your thought. You think your friend from #5 in the first post was awarded more points because of his lower MMR or fewer matches played, or both?

24th Oct 2015, 10:11
your friend from #5 in the first post was awarded more points because of his lower MMR or fewer matches played, or both?

At that moment we had the same ammount of matches played ( +/- 3 matches, which is nothing compared to 200 played ), so it just has to be MMR.

26th Oct 2015, 12:33
Interesting :)

I think:
You can also lower your mmr by losing in tdm.

I love how you can actually abuse the system if you know about it :D

Tho i am too lazy to do that, I love to play normal tdm at the moment, easy matches to level my noob classes.

30th Oct 2015, 20:56
Im gonna ask another thing with the Points:

For well since the league started this have happened.

The server for leagues open up, you enter the first games and win, you then get rewarded with 12+ points (bonus pool not workingchecked b4 and after games). You keep winning and the points you earn is 12+.

BUT as soon as you lose 1 game something happens with the Point system. As soon as you lose 1 game then after you win some more games you only get 2-5 points for winning at most.

And later on the higher rank u are the more points you lose.
But the points you lose if faar higher than the ones you earn.
Again Checked b4 and after games to see if the actual points is distributed but they arent.

So whats up with the point system?

1st Nov 2015, 01:34
The point system, like the mmr is a black hole for this game. It sucks in all the fun and spills out dirt and weak players :)

1st Nov 2015, 05:37
Point system must be transparent. It should be understandable like hits -> kills. There are must be simple rules.