View Full Version : Problem to share DQH trophies from ps4 to facebook...

23rd Oct 2015, 16:35

Im a PS4 user and have a digital copy of DQH, I have a problem, when I try to share my earned trophies from ps4 to facebook.
Every time I try to share any earned trophies show this message: "An error occurred on the server" CE-32940-8.....
Only Was shared one time correctly and then occurred the error. I tried others games and works fine, The error only does the Dragon Quest Heroes game

Someone had the same problem?

Thanks in anvance.

23rd Oct 2015, 20:41
The fact is that error CE-32940-8 there is no description on internet, is so hard to determine what is the real problem: PSN, Facebook or other problem... A server problem? Psn server, facebook server, square enix server?
I reinstalled the game and get the same error.... I am just curious because in the first time I had the chance to share the trophies correctly and then past 3 or 4 days get the problem.

A detail: While playing the game I had an electricity blackout , that will have caused the problem? For now I don´t know where request for help, I submitted a ticket to square enix, waiting for response... And posted my problem in some forums.