View Full Version : Resizing Doors, Switches, and other moving objects

29th Jun 2002, 07:16
by CyberFish

Rescaling switches, doors and other moving objects is not actually all that hard if you know how the movement controls work.
For doors: Changing the height does not make any difference to the door. Changing the depth (thickness) is not recommended as you end up with a stupid shaped doorhandle. Changing the width screws up how the door opens, but this can be fixed by looking at the Physics/model/attributes properties and setting COG offset to half the width of the door.

For flat switches: A little harder. You can rescale the base of the switch just as you would any other object, but the lever part moves as if it were still the size it was before you changed it. Add property Tweq/joints. Under where it says joint1 CurveC are three spaces labelled rate-low-high. The first box determines the speed the lever moves, the second determines the lowest position the switch moves to, the last determines the highest position. You should only have to change the last one (?). Note that for a curving lever, such as a bigfloorlever, the low-high boxes denote angles rather than positions. You don't actually need to change these if you resize this type of lever.

No idea how to fix the shadow problem.