View Full Version : What If?... part 2

23rd Oct 2015, 13:55
Well i'm so tired to edit my first post so i decided to make a completely new thread for this one. My first post was already asking too much, maybe this thought will go top that. So we know that the Sac Chloe ending is the ending where Max obviously changed a lot in terms of the weather condition getting better and all. But my thought is What if Max just created another one of this alternate universes? What if this is the consequences of Max's power that she cannot escape. What if the only escape is to go back to where William is alive again, but instead stopping him or burning the photo(which both changes destiny since we knew that the picture stayed with the Price's family) What if max just let herself do the exact same thing that she does that day and don't do anything that can change destiny again, and finally armed with knowledges from the future Max can use this information to help herself and Chloe to perhaps stay away of the mess that happened in Blackwell

23rd Oct 2015, 14:02
I don't think these are alternate universes, but Max is changing the timeline. That photo she burns came from Chloe's photo album in the future...