View Full Version : What happened to Dead Sun's Youtube channel?

23rd Oct 2015, 02:23
They've deleted everything :(

23rd Oct 2015, 06:44
The one that managed the channel (Silent) stopped playing Nosgoth, so he closed down the channel. (I take that this is no shaming, so I am therefor allowed to post his name. If this is not the case, feel free to remove the name devs)

23rd Oct 2015, 16:07
Was it a rage quit thing? Shame, I liked their videos. Silent's kinda funny & takes it more seriously than other Youtubers so you could learn some tactics from them.

23rd Oct 2015, 18:20
Sorta. No worries though, I have heard from a couple of players that they tend to do the same thing, but only better. Include NosCam reviews and such, and me myself for example have half a mind to start a youtube channel for Nosgoth only :3