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29th Jun 2002, 07:07
Attributed to (unknown)

There is a FireShowerShot (-3998) and I think that is the biggest shot there is. It fires a huge fireball to the player and when it hits something it will split to four fireballs that will fly away from explosion and drop to ground. One shot will atleast kill the framerate if not Garrett.

A FireShowerShot is pretty cool - it's a Fireball that shoots other fireballs downwards when it explodes, doing A LOT of damage, and it also repeatedly explodes - even after the original explosion, other explosions will appear. Takes about 2 minutes for them to stop - be careful with these, since they use a large number of particles and dynamic lights, firing too many at once will quickly drag the framerate down on even the toughest systems.

In terms of pure annhialation, however, you're best bet is the Tiltowait projectile. The explosion kills almost anything ( including Garrett ) instantly, and has a huge radius.