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29th Jun 2002, 07:06
Moving Targets (DromEd1)

How to make those Bullseyes move?


Alrighty, add the script (S>Scripts) 'StdElevator' (without quotes) to your Bullseye object. Then, create the markers you wish for it to travel along.
Create a link from the Bullseye to the first of these markers (this marker should be placed where you want the Bullseye to start at, not where you want it to go when it starts moving, keep in mind) with a TPathInit link. Then create a link from that marker to the next marker along the line with a TPath link. Edit the 'Data' once you do that, set the speed to whatever you wish. Link that marker to the next with the same kind of link (TPath), and so forth down the line until you have them all hooked up.
Now when you go into game mode, the Bullseye will be moving from marker to marker just like you set it up. Note that it doesn't stop at any of these markers as it does in T2 - in Thief 1, they used a seperate script called 'StopAtWaypoints' to make lifts actually stop at those markers instead of continue on to the next. If you need it to stop, just add that script to the Bullseye, and create a button. Link the button to the Bullseye via a ControlDevice. When you push the button, it'll make the Bullseye head to the next marker.