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29th Jun 2002, 07:04
The max terrain brushes is 4000
the max room brushes is 999
the max named room brushes is 35
the max brush objects is 2400 (Thief 2)

by frobber

You can check your resource status with the command info_window

I've hit every limit except ambient sounds, flow brushes, and area brushes.

The 'maximum limit' is not so much a matter of total file size, as much as whether or not you're over the line for different entity types. Here are approximate limits, give or take a few percent for Thief 2:

4,500 terrain brushes (more if you don't use a lot of room brushes) [1]
750 room brushes (I think the wall is a few more than this)
2,000 objects (the database limit is 2,400 -- but the game needs room for temporary objects -- this number can be increased, though I wouldn't recommend it)
750 lights (I think the wall is also a few more than this)
256 ambient sound locations (that's way more than you should ever need, Sledge hit this wall when building The Inverted Manse)
Flow brushes? (So few are normally needed that I can't see this as mattering)
Area brushes? (same comment as for flow brushes)

[1] DromEd allows a maximum total number of brushes, no matter what kind they are. My best guess for the total number of brushes of all kinds is about 5,250. You can have 5,000 terrain brushes so long as you don't have too many other types of brushes. (I once had nearly 5,000 terrain brushes and hit the total brush limit wall when I added my 250th roombrush.)

The largest mission file I ever had under one roof would have been over 30Mb if it could have survived optimization (it was built with the intention of being split up). The largest released missions file I've seen is The Inverted Manse -- just over 21 Mb. And judging from my own experience, that is just about as big as you'll want to get.


by belboz

known limits, for thief 2.
999 room brushes, the ones you surround the terrain brushes with.
4000 terrain brushes, dromed will complain when you go above this limit.
2400 objects, monolog if you have it active will start to complain when you go above 2300 objects, remeber bloodsplats are objects that will crash your game if you try to use 2400 objects. Textures that are walked on are associated with sounds, dromed automatically associates an object to these textures, so you may have fewer objects than you think, so if you have 200 textures in your level, dromed could have reduced your total number of objects by 200 to cover these textures.
248 textures, above this will cause a texture out of range error.
248 ambient sounds, dont go over this, dromed will kill your level and you'll get a 65536 out of range error. You have to remember that all lights have ambient sounds already added, so if you were to put 249 torches in your level, the level will corupt with a ambients out of range error.
Once dromed had corrupted a level, it can't be uncorrupted, you have to use a backup.

size limits, you can only build within x,y,z, -1000 to 1000.

29th Jun 2002, 09:53
Ok - how about thief gold, do these values apply to DromED v1 as well?

29th Jun 2002, 19:15
Originally posted by Zaccheus
Ok - how about thief gold, do these values apply to DromED v1 as well?


The room brush limit is about 750. Not sure about terrain, but I'd say 3500 brushes to be safe. The absolute object limit is 2000 -- so don't install anymore than 1800 to leave room for spawned arrows and effects such as exploding zombies, blood splats, etc. And I'd keep overall file size to below 18Mb. Keep in mind that AI and light fixtures are objects and some objects such as flame effects have several objects combined.

I believe that all other limits are the same as Thief 2. Belboz' post has the more accurate numbers IMO.

Not sure what Komag means by "named" roombrushes. I have at least 60 trigrooms in Hallucinations, and all of those are named. Perhaps he means area brushes?:confused: Not sure what the limit is for area brushes, since I rarely use more than a few at a time.

Also not sure about flowbrush limits -- but I doubt anyone will ever need more than a few dozen in any one design.

I'm guessing that the total brush limit (totaling ALL brush types) is around 4000 for Thief 1.

Type info_window to see most of the numbers. Also load up my old Thief 1 mission The Enterprise to see what I did there -- I basically hit the wall everywhere, and had to delete something in order to add anything -- so that should be a good example of a nearly-max-out Thief 1 size.

30th Jun 2002, 07:59
Cool. Thanks a lot.

12th Jul 2002, 05:43
Thief 2 object count ..i know the max is 2400 minus about 200 for textures. That leaves me with 2200. And if I minus another 200 for objects created during game I am left with 2000. Providing my math is right. Which it is. Well I just crashed dromed with the error msg out of concrete obj ID#. I only have 1597 objects placed.
Now if I add in my RoomBrushes I am up to 1960 adding in my FlowBrushes brings me to 1978 adding in my AreaBrushes I am at 1998 plus 4 LightBrushes brings me to a grand total of 2004. But from what I remember..Not everything I listed counts to your obj count. I wonder why it crashed on me? Any ideas?

13th Jul 2002, 21:22
It might be something else.
I found that after an 'undo' I had an object with an ID number of -1. :eek: :confused:

I never use undo now.

21st Jul 2002, 06:27
I think you are also limited to 35 flow brushes.