View Full Version : Crashes and Bluescreen and SSD data loss

22nd Oct 2015, 19:08
Episode 5 crashed already a few times to desktop, but the last time I got a bluescreen after the crash. After that I couldn't boot Windows first because I only got "A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". Windows repaired the SSD, but some data from the drive is missing. I didn't find out so far from where the data is missing, but settings from my webbrowser and mail client are partly gone and Steam thinks I start all games the first time.

I don't blame you for the data loss since this might be an unfortunate accident, but for the crashes. If you want any log files tell me where I find them.

Also, my LiS savegame got deleted. Maybe you know if I can restore it somehow or cheat them so I don't have to replay the whole game.