View Full Version : Missions: Shot Stopping - won't recognise I've done it!

22nd Oct 2015, 17:52
I am trying to go through the missions but there is one that states:

- Train shot stopping or penalties for goalkeepers (0/1)
- Save a penalty (1/1)

My goalie has saved a penalty, as it happened when I had the "Shot Stopping Drills" activated but it still shows (0/1) for the first one. I have selected "Shot Stopping Drills" a couple of times when I've needed it and I have also selected "Penalties Practice" from the drills tab but still it's not showing as complete, why is this?


22nd Oct 2015, 22:45
Hey ajtuk1,

For this mission, You need to do intensive training to goal keeper. You can choose one between adding more rating to shot stopping or add more star to penalties on intensive training screen