View Full Version : [Spoilers] Disappointment.

22nd Oct 2015, 15:54
At first, this game had such potential.
Sure, some of the dialogue was really cringe-worthy, but the beauty and the way the story was going had something special.

I guessed the majority of the game after the first episode, but thought that would be way too obvious and the devs would never go down such an easy storyline route...and as for the final and ultimate choice...
...you're given the choice between sacrificing an entire town for the sakes of a girl who was destined to die.
The way that Max and Chloe are, how could they live with the knowledge that they allowed all of their friends, family and people of Arcadia Bay to die?

No, Chloe would turn bitter as time progressed as Max allowed it for her mother to die in a horrible way all to save her.
Max would go mad with the guilt as it was her selfishness that was the reason so many people met their end.

Besides, all of the trails and tribulations you go throughout the game were completely pointless really.
Sure, you found and brought a sick man to justice, but you are haunted by the bitter-sweet memories of things you shared with your best friend and lover that only a cruel twist of fate prevented.

Spilling paint on Victoria and not taking a picture? - Voided.
Saving Kate? - Voided.
Being Alyssa's guardian angel was a complete waste of time.
Even hugging or kissing Warren doesn't really matter in the end because only Max is left with any of the memories and that paradox is wiped almost instantly.
Etc, etc.

As for the symbols such as the totem and deer, now that the game is complete a lot of things don't really fit nicely.
Samuel-for example-and things with various characters...just seem thrown in to expand the game.
They make a point of pointing them out to us as we explore, but trying to place them just doesn't make a lot of sense.

I'm really hoping the things that really don't fit or have a proper explanation aren't there so they can milk and make a sequel, prequel or some spin-off DLC like 'The Mystery Of Rachel Amber' or 'Samuel's Squirrels'
This game doesn't need one.