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19th Oct 2012, 14:40
You can find the interview here:
khinsider.com/news/Dengeki-Interview-wit... (http://khinsider.com/news/Dengeki-Interview-with-Tetsuya-Nomura-Finally-Surfaces-3104)

May favorite parts from the interview:

---Thinking about the active role they’ve played in recent years, it feels like the Osaka team is now the series main staff, doesn’t it?

Nomura: That’s because that’s practically true. The Tokyo Kingdom Hearts team that we had in the early days has undergone some drastic changes. Even so, there are of course still Kingdom Hearts staff on the Tokyo side that collaborate with the Osaka side, but besides that the Osaka side form the basically unchanging lineup as a team, so in essence you could say they are the existing Kingdom Hearts staff. They move things along extremely energetically, and the Kingdom Hearts series is able to continue to this day only because they are there.

---Can the fans of the series look forward to the usual secret movie...?

Nomura: I really don’t want to lead anyone on or cause false hope, so please let me be clear on this: unfortunately, this time, there is no new secret movie.

---We think there must be many voices calling for a sequel to TWEWY.

Nomura: I personally love TWEWY too, it’s a title I do want to branch out. For the sake of future prospects, I hope that many people play and enjoy TWEWY -Solo Remix-.

---A few days ago at the FF Exhibition, Lightning Returns FFXIII was announced. In what way is your work involved in this project, Mr. Nomura?

Nomura: I worked on Lightning and Snow’s new outfits, but that is all, and I am finished.

---On the subject of Lightning, we’re also interested in any movement regarding Verses?

Nomura: Work is progressing properly, and all us staff are working hard and doing our best, so please wait a little for news.

19th Oct 2012, 23:13
So the Browser game will be singleplayer, not multiplayer? I wonder how that'll work out, and if it'll be free to play or if it'll require purchasing.
The translator spelled Versus wrong...
With the TWEWY - Solo Remix it's basically "buy me and Nomura will give you a sequel" from the sounds of that interview, I don't really like that tone.

I don't mind that the Osaka team is becoming the main KH team, I generally prefer their work to the Tokyo team's work anyway. All in all, a lot of good news here! Thanks for linking it, Psycho.