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29th Jun 2002, 06:52
Barred Doors Tutorial By Yametha
I used Thief 2 when I made this, although I’m sure it can be adapted to Thief 1.

Create two large airbrushes, and one connecting brush. We need something to work in! Remember to create a starting point (a marker linked to garrett) and load both scripts (script_load convict and script_load gen)

Room brush them (select the airbrush and press shift + insert). This is not necessary, but I like working with sound.

Create two hammer handles (physical -> Debris -> junk -> hammer_haft). These will be the beam holder.

Rotate the hammer handles so they stick into the wall sloping upwards (so they could conceivably hold something). Dark engine physics doesn’t need these, but real world physics does. These are essentially eye candy to make it look more realistic.

Create two doors. Name them Door1 and Door2 (try to get into the habit of naming all things that will be linked to, It makes the later part a lot easier, even if it’s more tedious now)

Leave Door1 as it was created.

Rotate Door2 180 Degrees. Change Door -> Rotating: -
Open angle: 90
Clockwise?: Unchecked

Now we have two doors.

Create a block of rubble (physical -> Debris -> rubble -> Rubble01) Name it BeamOpen. Edit its properties. Give it (S -> Scripts).

Erase all the existing scripts and give it “StdButton” (always remove the quotation marks before entering the name of a script)

Give it (Shape -> Model Name). Type in “hamhand”

Create two lockboxes outside the game world (outside any airbrush, preferably more than 10 ft away). Name them Box1 and Box2

Edit the properties of Box2. Give it (Engine Features -> Locked). Uncheck the box. Give it (S -> Scripts) in the same fashion.

Erase all existing scripts and give it “Lock”

Link it to Box1 with “~ControlDevice”
Door1 with “~Lock”
Door2 with “~Lock”

Edit the properties of Box1. Give it (S -> Scripts). Erase all existing scripts and give it “Lock” and “TrigUnlock”

Create an inverter. Name it UnlockIt

Link the UnlockIt to Box1 with “ControlDevice”
BeamOpen with “~ControlDevice”

Ok, now we have a button that looks like a board, and if we frob it, the two doors lock.

Clone BeamOpen. Place it so it looks like it’s perching on the two hammer handles. Name it BeamClosed and link it to Box1 with “ControlDevice”

Create 4 TeleportTraps, (fnord -> TrapTrig -> TeleportTrap), two at the locations of BeamOpen and BeamClosed, (remember, matche their locations and rotations exactly) and two out of game world. Name them OpenIn, ClosedIn, OpenOut and ClosedOut respectively.

Move BeamClosed out of game world

Link OpenOut to BeamOpen with “ControlDevice”
Link OpenIn to BeamOpen with “ControlDevice”

Link ClosedOut to BeamClosed with “ControlDevice”
Link ClosedIn to BeamClosed with “ControlDevice”

Link Box1 to OpenOut with “ControlDevice”
Link Box1 to ClosedIn with “ControlDevice”

Link BeamClosed to ClosedOut with “ControlDevice”
Link BeamClosed to OpenIn with “ControlDevice”

Now, if we frob the board lying beside the doors, it appears to move into position and the doors lock. Nice, but there’s still one problem.

Currently, if you bash the door down, the beam will stay in place, and the whole thing will look weird. So, to counteract this, we have to use Sources and Receptrons (don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it).

Give Door1 (Act/React -> Receptrons). Then click add.
Object: Door1
Stimulus: FireStim
Check the boxes “No Min” and “No Max”.

Click OK. Repeat this, but choose WeaponStim. Click OK twice, and then Done. Repeat this with Door2.

Here you have it, the simple version of my Barred Door Tutorial. There are some limitaitions, such as the board needs to rest near the door to look convincing, and this can be the onlt way to lock this door, so the bar is the only lock, not the secondary lock. I will post the more complicated version soon, in which the bar can be carried by the player.