View Full Version : Basic Explanation of Common Trap Types

29th Jun 2002, 06:47
RelayTrap: You can link to this with as many ControlDevice links as you want (one each from different sources) and then send out as many other ControlDevice links from this as you want (one each to different other things)

RevertTrap: You can link to this with a ControlDevice and then link it to another thing with ControlDevice. After a moment (the length of which you adjust) the revert trap will then send out an opposite signal. So if you linked a button to the revert trap, and then the revert trap to a light (which is set up to be an animlight), then pressing the button would send and on signal to the reverter, which would send an on signal to the light, turning it on. Then a moment later the revert trap would send and off signal to the light, turning it back off.

RequireAllTrap: You can link a number of things to this, and then link this to other things. It will only send the on signal to the other things, however, when ALL of the first things have sent their signals to it. So if you linked three buttons to the require all trap, and then linked the require all trap to a light, you would have to press all three buttons before the light would go on.

Inverter: You can link to this and it will then send the opposite signal to whatever you link it to. So if you linked a button to the inverter and then linked the inverter to a light, pressing the button would turn the light off (if the light is already on) instead of turning it on (as a button linked directly to a light would).

DestroyTrap: You can link things to this and then link it to things which it will kill! So, you can link a button to a destroy trap, and link the destroy trap to some other relay trap in another circuit, and pressing the button will destroy that other relay trap thus cutting off whatever that other relay trap was linked to.

CreateTrap: These are activated by ControlDevice links from other things. You link a create trap to the object you want to create with a Contains link. First you have to actually make the object in dromed. Put the object somewhere off to the side. Put the create trap where you want the object to appear. Then link the create trap to this object with a contains link. Then you could link a button to the create trap (with a ControlDevice link) and when you press the button the object will apear where the destroy trap is.