View Full Version : Exit Rooms and Triggers

29th Jun 2002, 06:45
Pick a room you want the player to have to exit to. When the room brush (purple) is selected, click "Create" underneath at the bottom
- in the window, select the "Base Room" and click "Add"
- in the field give you final room a name, any name, just something that you'll recognize, like "end room".
- Click okay.
- When it asks if you want a concrete room click yes
- Select the new room you just created on the list, and click create.
- Now the room will have a number in () right after the name you gave it.
- You must also "edit" the room, and Add - S - Scripts - WelcomeRoom (leave the don't inherit box unchecked).
- Rebuild room database and AI room database. Reportalize/optimize. Save. Exit Dromed. Start Dromed again. Load your mission, and check the room number, as it may have changed due to Dromed shifting things around, but now it should stay and not change again.
- Point your final objective to this number.
- You're all set!

If you want the room to trigger something else, like a sound or lights or something, you must Add-S-Scripts-TrigRoomPlayer, and then open links and Add-ControlDevice-(from)room number-(to)soundtrap/votrap/door/light/whatever number.