View Full Version : Tips to Lower a Screen Complexity or High Polygon Count

29th Jun 2002, 06:40
Yes, it's a very good idea to make some buildings taller to they cut off the long views.
To lower poly's:
- Block the long views
- Raise the texture scale anywhere it looks decent (to 17 or 18)
- Raise the sky texture scale to max (24)
- Build buildings and rooms the in Dromed unit incremements of 4 or better 8 (best 16)
- Try to keep the grid set at highest possible (do whole mission at 14 if you can, or 13, try to avoid 12 and 11, but they'll work if you MUST)
- Avoid building anything on a diagonal if you can
- If you make pillars, make them 8 sided always, and choose "align by sides" so only 4 sides are diagonal instead of all 8
- Use flat textures, not actual window sills, etc..., and use window textures with omnilights outside to make them look real, not actual window holes to see inside
- Advanced - use objects in place of terrain if you have framerate to spare

That's all I can think of right now