View Full Version : Make Anything a Light Source - Frob it Directly too!

29th Jun 2002, 06:39
To make an object light up by frobbing it:

Place an object (let's use a crate)

Open the crate's "properties"

- Add-S-Scripts-StdButton (and) AnimLight
- Add-Engine Features-Frob Info- press the first button and select "Script" (in this case of the crate you'll need to remove the "move" from world action and inventory, or else the light will remain where the crate was but the crate will go with you!)
- Add-Renderer-Anim Light- set the settings how you wish, probably something like "minimum brightness", 63, 63, 80, 0, 0, 0, quad lit (check), leave rest.

Now open up "Links"

Add-ControlDevice- from the crate (just put in the number of the crate) to the crate!

Your done!

But the crate itself remains dark - dunno how to make ITSELF light up as well

19th Jul 2002, 23:35
You can make objects bright by setting their render type to UNLIT (renderer->render type in properties). This is the method used on the game's glowing mushrooms. You can't switch this on/off, however.

You might also want to try messing with the properties "Self Illumination" and "Extra Light", also under "Renderer".

20th Jul 2002, 19:45
you can make an object "light up" in the .e file.

convert the bin to e and open with notepad, the top of the file looks like this
BEGIN "mesh01"

// Converted by 3ds2e from: anvil

1,"material01",,TMAP "Anvil.gif",0,TRANSP 0<b>,ILLUM 100</b>;
Add the ILLUM 100 part. Then it will light up with the Animlight props. a little more work, probably have to save a gamesys.